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    A collection of BLD algorithms lists

    Most of mine are centre commutators which have not been reviewed. Some are correct too so you need to consider that in your script or something. Anyway the ones highlighted yellow are not confirmed to work since I generated them using only my brain and no cube.
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    Weston-super-Mare Open 2017 (UK)

    We ultimately decided not to hold OH because we hold it extremely regularly (literally every other competition this year...) and we had been neglecting other events which took priority this time around.
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    Weston-super-Mare Open 2017 (UK)

    Registration is open!
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    UK Championship 2017

    Yes, same places as 2015* Also UKCA jackets and shirts are available to pre-order at the store. You can either pick up at UKC or get the posted.
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    ABHC 2017 (UK) - 26th-27th August

    Added, if you want faster responses your best bet is to email the organising team! You're more than welcome to add a thread if you wish. But a lot of the organisers barely browse speedsolving but we pretty frequently check emails. You're currently 15th on the waitlist so I'd say it's pretty...
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    [Unofficial] 44.29 Megaminx PB avg5

    "I suck at megaminx at home" Good job! Looking forward to seeing the competition at worlds :)
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    Rubik's Cube World Championship 2017 - Paris, France (13-16 July 2017)

    It's never done alphabetically at majors, it's just how we do it in the UK for ease of organisation.
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    How to be a scrambler/runner at a competition

    Fully serious video on how to scramble and be a runner at a competition. Please like and share around, it is important to get good information around. If you have any questions feel free to ask them, and let me know if you want any similar videos made and I'll try my best!
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    Concerns about FMC regulations

    I can't tell you why R' U' F was chosen, it's quite easy to execute so that probably helped. We just needed some extra moves. But what I'm saying is that this solution should not be disallowed because of the way the buffering works. And if a delegate does then they are not performing their...
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    Concerns about FMC regulations

    The scramble is buffered on either end by R' U' F <scramble> F' U R. So this is purely luck that the final three moves of the scramble are the same as the start of the solution. So this would be fine. Any delegate that disallowed it doesn't understand the TNoodle buffering for FMC.
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    ABHC 2016 (NEW VENUE) - 27-28 August - Sheffield, UK

    Results are up. Thanks Evan for doing that so promptly!