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    The Layer by Layer Podcast

    I'm sorry for you. Go clones.
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    The Layer by Layer Podcast

    Has University of Iowa Cube as Avatar, but has never been to an Iowa comp?
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    [Help Thread] Am I Competition Ready?

    I've been to 86 competitions and still average over 11s on pyraminx. Might as well start competing now, its fun!
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    FMC WR average 24 - Reto Bubendorf

    Ouch... That's got to sting a little. Was he running out of time and wasn't able to double check his solution?
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    Anyone from Mississippi?

    I went to Mississippi once.
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    UK qualifier for Red Bull Rubik’s Cube World Championship 2018 [16/6/18]

    Are you on the organization team for this Rob?
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    Are there any speedcubers or cubers from Manitoba

    I know that a handful of cubers from Manitoba came down to Fargo Fall 2017, so there are a few.
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    CubingUSA Nationals 2018 - Salt Lake City, Utah (July 27-29)

    You could also have a seeding round where every team did a Bo1 to determine top 16 and do tournament style from there.
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    Big Cheese Open 2018

    Results have been posted.
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    Red Bull Rubik's Cube World Championships

    Per the Rulebook they state: "2.2. All participants are provided with standard Rubik’s speedcubes by the organisers. If they prefer, participants are also allowed to use their own customized cubes at the events." "Their own customized cubes" does not specify if they can use any brand or the...
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    Is the 17x17 UWR Legit?

    That looks like a prepared solve to me.
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    Big Cheese Open 2018

    I'm excited to eat some Wisconsin cheese!
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    Where will US Nats 2018 be?

    It sucks when you live in Iowa and wait.... Living in Iowa is awesome.
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    Liberty Science Center Open 2017

    Registration filled up within 40 minutes?!
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    North Iowa 2017 - 12/09/17

    That's unfortunate that you can't make it! Hopefully you can find another chance to compete!