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    Wowzers!! Massive PB for 61 Year Old

    Kevin, as a note, Kauhu means your scrambles aren't oriented per WCA regs (White Top, Green front), but as WarriorCatCuber said, it doesn't matter if your solving at home, if you aren't hand scrambling the cube is still going to be in a random state. Congrats on the PB!!!!
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    Making a Cube Timer Site--Ideas Needed!

    If you're looking for some help on this, pm me. I'd love to get involved. I'm a software engineer by trade.
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    gqTimer Reboot

    Thanks for the shown interest @Raumaan Kidwai. We are currently working through the prototyping phase. We will post periodic updates as we have time.
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    Race to sub-X on a 3x3 -- 25+

    Round: 26 Cube: Gans 356 Air SM Racing to: Sub-35 Method: CFOP with 2-Look OLL Ao12: 32.42 Time List: (from 1 to 12) 27.31, 29.24, 30.59, 39.73, 37.45, 36.66, 27.38, 28.86, 39.03, 28.30, 22.59, 39.40 Improvement from last week. Apparently working with ZZ for a week or so has helped...
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    Race to sub-X on a 3x3 -- 25+

    Round: 25 Cube: Gans 356 Air SM Racing to: Sub-35 Method: CFOP with 2-Look OLL Ao12: 34.25 Time List: (from 1 to 12) 33.30, 42.65, 27.13, 27.21, 32.57, 31.14, 38.30, 31.91, 28.55, 1:42.04, 32.93, 43.90 Been a long time since I've cubed. Been trying to get back down to sub-30. Hoping this will...
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    WTB Type A V Cube

    Looking to buy a gently used Type A V for nostalgic reasons. Open to all payment methods and will pay an upwards of 15 plus shipping for it. Thank you, michaelcmelton
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    Rubik's Brand lawsuit against The Cubicle

    They just filed the summons on Tuesday to I don't think the trial date will be set for a while.
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    gqTimer Reboot

    Feel free to comment suggestions, etc.
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    gqTimer Reboot

    All: I'm looking to create a full-stack web app with companion iOS app for speedcubing. I had the idea of rebooting gqTimer and combining it with a social media type of atmosphere, I'm here to gauge interest and figure out how many would be interested before embarking on the project. Thanks...
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    Goals Thread

    It's been a while since I've been at it. (~1 year) When I left, my PB was 24s. I want to get back down to that before the end of the year. I'm currently averaging sub-35.
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    [Help Thread] "What cube should I get?" The Puzzle Choice Thread

    I'm back after a long hiatus from Cubing. My last main was the Moyu AoLong v2, has there been any new cubes that came out or new hardware? Also, side note, can I take a washer from a v1 and drop it in a v2?
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    Breaking sub-30 on 3x3

    Yeah, thanks guys. And thanks to you DeeDubb. :cool:
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    Breaking sub-30 on 3x3

    I put a new Ao5 in its place.
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    Breaking sub-30 on 3x3

    Here's my Ao5 from just a few minutes ago.
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    Breaking sub-30 on 3x3

    I'll have an average of five video up later today.