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    The One-Answer Question Thread [closed]

    depends on how many cubes you are lubing regularly. it also depends on how clean your cube is, how new the cube is (cube dust becoming minimal after being broken in and washed out) also depends on your preference. if you apply it over and over again to one broken in cube, i would imagine 2ml...
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    Should we ban pillowed 7x7x7s?

    lol at "soon to be deleted post" if vcubes would have produced a non pillowed v-7 with the extended edges, most cubers would have have the non pillowed version over a pillowed version. i wonder why they would have chosen the cubic one. if you get an advantage for it being pillowed, why would...
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    Noah's 3-Style Tutorial

    i also have struggled trying to learn bh with other videos. i have given up with most of them. hopefully your set of videos will help me understand. i also already well understand the concept of a commutator, however, i did think your explaination was kind of nifty. i also think that this video...
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    Boot Camp? How to get started? (CFOP)

    i watched the video of your method. this is a very intriguing beginner method. i would like to point out some things that differ from your method and some intermediate steps i would reccomend. 1. cross is typically solved on the bottom. this is not important and you can solve it in any...
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    List of 5x5 Last 2 Edges Algorithms

    just while we're on the discussion of L2E... is there any cases that dont default to oll parity, wing swap, or solved after arranging (for lack of better word) the edges? i guess it seems like intuition is faster than actually recognizing the cases and then recalling the alg for it? but, yes...
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    A method of CFOP speedcubing training that yields systematic progress

    i think that this is a very effective method. its one that naturally one would take after a while to become faster. the problem that i have is that percentages would work for someone who already knew 2LLL. a lot of people who are trying to break that sub30 or sub20 or even some sub15 barrier...
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    Should we ban pillowed 7x7x7s?

    i dont know about you guys but having a pillowed version of a puzzle is by no means an advantage. every pillowed version of a puzzle i own is difficult to hold and turn in comparison to their cubic version. i feel that since the pillowed puzzle has this disadvantage, it clearly balances out the...
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    Rowe Hessler 52.27 BLD former WR disqualified

    what would a punishment look like for an action like this? hopefully not a long term vacation? such action was the mistake on the judges part and he confessed. does "no additional attempt" conclude that there is nothing restricting rowe from going to competitions? that would be nice.
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    What is the worst/most annoying thing in speed cubing?

    1. cube fad mania. this type of discussion takes up a lot of space on the forum and it also makes me want to buy new cubes all the time. 2. random strangers who talk to you about solving cubes who know absolutely nothing about cubing. most of the people i meet say the infamous "i peel the...
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    [Help Thread] "What cube should I get?" The Puzzle Choice Thread

    any cube. by the time he works his way down to 1:20 (if he doesnt lube a storebought) from 6 minutes, he will have a nice broken in storebought by the time he is at 1:20.. with lubing and a method other than beginners, he would easily be able to break 30 sec with a nice broken in, lubed...
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    Hey everyone! Peabo from Florida here

    welcome. <- from greater daytona
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    4x4 Last layer Edge parity?

    if you are unsure what everyone is talking about and you are getting frustrated with notations and such, maybe you should look up a more beginner method for a 4x4. k4 is generally not the method that most beginners start with. look up a reduction method. this would involve 1: solve the centers...
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    Training Schedule?

    i have been cubing a while now 2+yrs and i definately felt big barriers after sub 30. getting sub 30 took me about 6 months, sub 20 in another year, and now i sub 15 which is almost a year after sub 20. my advice to you is take your time with F2L and make sure you are learning good LL algs...
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    Cubic 7x7x7 MassProducts soon...

    This is exciting. The way the edges of the cubies are curved is closely related to many of the SS puzzles. Hopefully this is in fact SS. They have a strong momentum going with the successful release of the 6x6 and 8x8... it would only make sense. The SS 6x6 to me was indeed very much welcomed...
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    Fast Proggress?

    my progression is really slow. i think in order to achieve this goal you must be young and you must have a good mentor. i dont think that you can achieve these times in 2 months on your own ambition. i also believe it would depend on how old you were too. if you are an old timer, it is much...