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    A terrible idea

    The time to beat from 10 years ago is 12.34 seconds. :-)
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    CoLPI - collective letter-pair images database for BLD. In all languages.

    Ooh, this is fantastic! I will definitely be looking to this if I ever try to dust off my letter pair drafts.
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    [Member Intro] Speed-Blder

    I'm always glad to see more people doing more speed BLD! :-D What kind of techniques do you use?
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    Best way to create a cube simulator app?

    I strongly recommend Javascript! It's about as practical as any other language these days, it runs on practically any computer or phone you might want, and you can use the internet to share applications to anyone with a browser. (No downloads, no installs.) (Note: I'm collaborating on a...
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    Lighting Regulation

    Hmm, where does it say "appropriate lighting"? I can't find a reference to it. The Regulations state: I don't think it's possible to standardize lighting across competitions much more than that.
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    Notation questions for megaminx solvers

    Yeah, I've been working with Tom on interoperable standards for puzzles/moves/algs. I'd like to generalize SiGN notation, which has Pretty intuitive semantics for cubes: A syntax with a fairly nice (and generalizable) grammar...
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    Converting algorithms to letters?

    May I submit HIJK for your consideration? :-D (e.g. Sune is K U K2)
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    Will Clock get removed as an official event?

    For what it's worth, no one has actually proposed to the WRC that clock be removed as an official event.
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    Question about misscrambles

    Like Mike says, usually through video evidence. But occasionally through (claimed) reconstructions. The WCA database contains scrambles, which are available in the export. (Other sites like Cubing China make it easy to find them.)
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    Giiker Cube software

    Indeed, this is the best site for it right now! I'm working on building something new myself, but that's not ready yet. should be pretty usable, though.
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    [Unofficial] The fastest cube machine for 4x4x4

    Congratulations, this is pretty impressive! I love the idea for transparent three-axis cupped turning boxes. I've added your robot to Does it have a name, and can you tell us more about the solving algorithm it is using...
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    StackMat G4 signal glitch?

    I believe Tim Habermaas and Jeremy Fleischman have the most experience in reverse-engineering Stackmat signals; I'll ask them to respond here if they know anything about this!
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    Distraction at competitions with record?

    As cited by others here, 11a2 covers interference in general, with precedent for awarding extras when there is very distracting applause (and it's clear you're not trying to abuse this purely to get an extra attempt): See the Guidelines: