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    Cubing Time Capsule

    I also just got an email from future me. I honestly don't remember creating this thread... I'm ashamed to say that I have almost completely dropped speedcubing. At least for the foreseeable future. My average (as of a minute ago) has fallen to what it was when I created this XD
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    Possible Competition in Wisconsin?

    Yep. I would come. I would also, be more than happy to help set up, etc. Contact Bryan Logan. Organizing a comp (especially for the first time) is a lot of work. If you just stick to it, and stay focused, you'll be fine.
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    V-Cube 2-Bad?

    I think it's getting pathetic how high of expectations people have for their cubes these days. I feel like an old man when I say things like this, but its true. It used to be that if you wanted a good cube, you'd get a type A, C, c4y diy, or storebought, get a dremel or some sand paper, and make...
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    Cubetcha 2011

    I'll try. I haven't picked up a cube in months, but I might get back into the swing of things.
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    Preferred Rubik's cube?

    I actually have to agree with the people that say to start out with crap cubes. If you start out with the best, your turning speed may increase, but you won't be able to see the mistakes that you make. Turning slowly helps to recognize the things you do bad in your solves, and helps you come up...
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    How old are you?

    Age 16, avg low 20s.
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    [Unofficial] One of the Funniest Team Blind Solve Ever!

    Gotta love derp sledgehammer....
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    These forums are degrading

    There was another site just like this (besides masterthecube) a while back called Cubers Uncensored. Let's just call it a train wreck.
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    These forums are degrading

    I agree with you completely, statue (as I frequently do). When I got into speedcubing and joined this wonderful site a little over two years ago I fell in love. It was filled with informed and helpful cubers, with the occasional humor and minor (but funny) flamage. As I grew I became a fairly...
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    Music thread

    Looks expensive and confusing.
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    I spent hours trying to play fair and beat the dungeons, build a house, ect. I hate/love how you cant spawn in all the good items. You HAVE to go beat the dungeons. And to make it even more difficult SPC doesn't work.
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    Music thread

    Reason for what?
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    Music thread

    I've been getting into making dubstepish/electronic music lately (since I can't play an actual instrument). I've been messing around in FL studio, but haven't had a ton of success. Any of you guys know some good programs for this type of music? EDIT: I want my music to be similar to Big...
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    Anyone play with the Aether yet? Spent a few hours on with it today. Died a lot. Like the Nether, beds explode. I was killed by a bed today. The end.
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    How can I get my caps to stay on?!

    CAPS lock?