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    At one point can someone say they are sub-X?

    I agree with all of the above but in my opinion, if you can (somewhat) accurately guess what time your solve will be (for example a low-20), your averaging low-20s very consistently and so, you can say you are sub-25.
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    How the 3.47 WR changes cubing

    R.I.P. Jay. May he get better luck next time.
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    We need better judges.

    i'm pretty sure nub is someone that is fast but intentionally acts noobie (if that's even a word) in their ways. like an example is derpy cuber.
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    How the 3.47 WR changes cubing

    imo, i bet this wr will stand for at least 5 years
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    [WR] Yusheng Du - 3.47 3×3 single

    sums up all this and even has a full construction
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    New Events for the Weekly Competition Website for 2019

    Ivy cube is really fun and cool, but I have yet to see any notation, as it's very intuitive to solve. So I don't know how you would be to scramble it.
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    World Record predictions in the year 2020?

    not even 2020 yet, and we've already broken almost all of it woah
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    [WR] Yusheng Du - 3.47 3×3 single

    for me, he kinda looks like he was turning the cube in inspection time. but still, the solve has no pauses, and even if it was fake, that's really cool.
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    [WR] Yusheng Du - 3.47 3×3 single

    am very sceptical, this doesn't add up in the slightest...
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    I need link to the cubing discord.

    This is the r/cubers discord link.
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    [Member Intro] Hi, I'm Manuel from El Salvador

    Hello @MANUEL! I lived in El Salvador for four years, it was really beautiful. Welcome to the Forums!
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    What does your username mean?

    catalan word for join? misspelling of the spanish word for weapon?
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    What does your username mean?

    i know of a cartoon character called loser and everyone liked him
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    [NAR] Tanzer Balimtas 4.64 3x3 single

    i wanna see the reaction ; )
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    1981 Meffert Pyraminx

    are you looking to buy or to trade?