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    Speedcubing World Record Predictions for the End of 2022!

    Here is a video I made on what my World Record predictions are for 2022. Let me know if you agree/disagree
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    What is something you wish you knew before you started cubing?

    I'm just kind of curious... I've been cubing for a while and there's been a lot that I wish I knew before I really got into it (eg be colour neutral, some events get the best cube but others you can go for budget)
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    Moyu Weipo WRS 2x2 or the Dayan Tengyun Plus M 2x2?

    My video on the MoYu WeiPo WRS 2x2 VS the DaYan TengYun Plus M 2x2. Let me know what you think!
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    Worlds 2023 location candidates

    Yeah I know I'm just explaining my reason for voting
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    Worlds 2023 location candidates

    A competition in both places would be interesting. Most people here would probably be from the US so Chicago would be the obvious choice here. South Korea is much closer to me though, 12 hours vs 20 hours, so that's my vote. Although unfortunately I don't think I'd be able to go anyway
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    Worlds 2021 Results in a World Where COVID Never Existed

    Dwyane Ramos for OH podium pls... Feliks sadly I feel like he wouldn’t get many if not any podiums
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    Worlds 2021 Results in a World Where COVID Never Existed

    That's so specific lol. I think that one of the Weyer twins would get into finals but not the other
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    2022 Cubing Goals Thread

    All my goals (For global and single, and also alg sets) 2x2: Sub 1.5 Global, Sub 0.38 Single. Full LEG1 and potentially some sort of LS if I'm bothered 3x3: Sub 8.5 Global, Sub 5 Single. Some ZB if I want but it seems boring 4x4: Sub 36 Global, Sub 30 Single 5x5: Sub 1:10 Global, Sub 1...
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    Outside in Auckland 2021 - Competition Vlog

    Video/Vlog from Outside in Auckland 2021!
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    Home Cubing Competition

    Wow looks like I dominated the competition haha
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    Competition is over let me know how we should do the next one.

    I kind of need an exact date to sign up, but preferably please make it a Saturday PST because that would be Sunday my time. Since Sunday your time would make it Monday my time (school), and Friday your time would be well, school.
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    $150+ First Sponsored Unboxing |

    My first sponsored unboxing! Let me know what you think
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    The Cubing Classic 2021 (Online Competition)

    Cool but why did you need our age lol
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    Home Cubing Competition

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    [NR] Chris Mills 3x3 NR average

    Huge congrats to Chris! And also Dwyane’s OcR is WR3 (World record fail because he forgot to stop the timer 😭), and this is the first time since 2009 that Feliks doesn’t have OH OcR