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    Duplex Method

    Some of you may remember an old forum post where I outlined some ideas for an improved approach for solving the last layer. Although there are still things left to improve, it is ready to be seen. Is it viable for speedcubing? Who knows. From my own experience, learning alg combos is far easier...
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    HARCS (JARCS Replacement) - Cube Solver

    I've been trying to get this working on the web and it seems like it kinda works now it runs fully client side. one issue with JARCS was that it required a server so I was thinking of using this in kSim and giving users the ability to click stickers, but I've noticed...
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    kSim 2: return of the simulator

    No, it just takes a keyboard map.
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    kSim 2: return of the simulator

    888 .d8888b. d8b .d8888b. 888 d88P Y88b Y8P d88P Y88b 888 Y88b. 888 888 888 "Y888b. 888 88888b.d88b. .d88P 888 .88P "Y88b. 888 888 "888 "88b .od888P" 888888K "888 888 888 888 888 d88P" 888...
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    Cubeshape Last Square-1 Method

    Hey guys. I've not been around much recently. I got a really cool new job and I've been focused on my career. I do a lot of programming now. The ideas in this thread have been around for years, but I never posted because it wasn't complete. I realised the nature of the method is going to...
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    [Proposal] Rename the Ortega 2x2 Method to Varasano

    You know what, it largely doesn't actually matter.
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    Let's talk about Petrus

    I'm of the conviction that it lends itself to high movecounts and more difficult recognition when used as a speed method - and the EO step really isn't helping. Do we have a decent amount of recons for a 'fast' petrus user?
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    [Unofficial] I can also ZZ with full ZBLL (16.32 Ao5/ 20.78 Ao12)

    well you're certainly not trollin'
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    Proposal: method neutral regulations (request for STM as the official WCA metric)

    I agree with you otherwise, but I think that statement is subjective.
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    Proposal: method neutral regulations (request for STM as the official WCA metric)

    ATM/STM FMC and HTM FMC are two different events that should not be compared in this way.
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    CMLLEO... We Want YOUR Help!

    Often the easy case is better than having EO solved for good lookahead. you should aim for that instead of EO solved (it's easier too) You should be as haxy as possible for covering more cases to make it more easily learnable. We thought that CLLEO was going to be a thing a few years ago...
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    An analysis of cubing methods and times...

    I feel like I'm pretty full disclosure, you have no argument with "secret algs". To accentuate waffle's suggestion, I've long felt embarrassed about putting my name towards that system because of how trivial it is to derive. I like to call it CLLEO now.