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    [UWR] MBLD 49/49 59:55+

    I was always aiming for 37/23 splits, but usually memo is too slow and I rush exec, like in this solve (39/21 splits). On the other hand Shivam's solves are more fast-memo-oriented - 35/25 iirc I don't understand why splits should become 30/30 on a higher level, memorization takes longer and...
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    [UWR] MBLD 49/49 59:55+

    Unofficial world record set on 16.06.2018 49 cubes solved blindfolded in 59:53 +2s penalty for a cube that slipped and moved while I was putting it down memorization: 38:53 47.6s/cube execution: 21:00 25.7s/cube total: 59:53 73.3s/cube memo splits: setting up cubes 9s 1-8 5:41 9-16 5:28 17-24...
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    Blindfold Accomplishment Thread

    I finally beat my stupid lucky 3bld single pb, took me 559 days 20.54 memo 9.14 exec 11.39 moves 67 tps 5.88 F B2 U' B2 L2 U L2 B2 F2 D L2 D' L B U R' D2 U L U2 L' Fw Uw' x' y U' [U', R' D R] 9/9 [R' U R, D'] 8/17 [R' D' R, U2] 8/25 U [U, L E' L'] 9/34 [L, D' M2 D] 8/42 L' [U L U', M'] 9/51...
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    Multiblindfold Discussion (PBs, Successes, Fails)

    44/48 58:28 I decided to improve my speed, because with 48 cubes I can get a world record even with 3 rolling pops memo: 37:50 47.3s/cube execution: 20:38 25.7s/cube total: 58:28 73s/cube 2nd best attempt overall, 4th 40+
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    [Official] MBLD 39/40 in 1:00:00

    Yes, 80/82 where 1dnf was a rolling pop and one was caused by forgetting a few images on one cube :p I'm very suprised with my accuracy lately, also right after that comp I got 41/44 59:52 at home (38, 40, 38 points in a row)
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    [Official] MBLD 39/40 in 1:00:00

    thanks, I use Valk 3s :p thank you, the device helps a lot with focusing :)
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    [Official] [WR FAIL] 41/42 59:57 with a rolling pop

    wait for end to see a bonus :p thanks to Kaijun Lin for judging music: MATT - Soviet March (Original Mix) comp: YJ FEST 2018 what can I say? I felt a small bump during an alg, but I couldn't do anything about it Oh well, I'll come back stronger and get it next time :)
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    [Official] MBLD 39/40 in 1:00:00

    I forgot memo on one cube, sorry I have a bad memory :p music: Nightcore - Moskau very good attempt for me, for some reason the scrambler put cubes into 2x2 and 2x3 squares (misunderstood most square reg xD) and you can see that I'm very confused by this in the beginning
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    [Official] WR3 Kamil Przybylski MBLD 36/37 in 56:31

    Done at Italian Championship 2017, basically I decided to go for a safe solve and this happend one cube was off by a 3 cycle, I forgot one pair in edges As of now it's ranked 3rd in the world
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    [Official] MBLD: 36/46 1:00:00

    I was wearing a special cup, so you don't have to watch my ugly face ;)
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    Weekly Competition 2017-40

    MBLD: 34/50 1:00:00 Speed practice, actually 40/50 62:23
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    [Unofficial] MBLD: 41/48 in 59:04

    memo 37:27 46.8s/cube solve 21:37 27s/cube total 1:13.8/cube silly mistakes :v
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    Multiblindfold Discussion (PBs, Successes, Fails)

    41/48 59:04 memo 37:27 46.8s/cube solve 21:37 27s/cube total 1:13.8s/cube slightly improved memo time, not happy about the accuracy though 3 cubes messed up due to random hand moves, 3memo mistakes 1 exec mistake 56 seconds left, so if I had done additional 3bld cube at the end I would have...
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    Multiblindfold Discussion (PBs, Successes, Fails)

    42/48 in 59:39 memo 38:04 47.6s/cube solve 21:35 26.9s/cube total 1:14.5s/cube memo analysis: 1-8 5:01 9-16 5:23 17-24 5:15 review 1-24 5:12 (first 24 in 20:51, PB) 25-32 5:39 33-40 5:57 41-44 2:35 45-48 3:02 My fastest and biggest sub1 attempt Memo was absolutely amazing, exec however was...