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    My General Cubing Progress

    Every single thing you said is 100% correct. That said, let's consider why every single thing you said is useless for most people. COLL is 40 algs. And of those 40 algs, basically everyone agrees the S/AS cases are a waste of time, which takes us down to 28 algs. I can learn that in an...
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    Accomplishment Thread

    I remember that feeling! Cherish it because the time drops necessarily get smaller as you get faster : ) Dude shape mods are so rewarding when you finally work them out, good stuff. It gives you that feeling of accomplishment at solving a real puzzle, that you sort of lose in the traditional...
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    Thoughts on Going to Competitions Starting June 5th?

    My understanding is that this is a negative, not a positive, statement. In terms of, "no comps are allowed until at least this date" rather than "on this date you can hold comps again". As 'this date' approaches, we may or may not see a further delay announced, but I would be surprised if we...
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    My Cubing Journey

    I mean typically each alg is going to be another look. If you're solving CP using that method, it's an extra look per U' R' U making that like an 8-look LL. "Look" meaning literally, I can close my eyes and do some moves and the next time I need to open my eyes to continue solving, it's another...
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    Odd WCA stats/ Stats request Thread

    What's the fastest first official sub-10 on 3x3? I feel like I remember a couple years back there was a post on here about someone getting a 6 but couldn't find it. Yes before anyone asks I'm hoping to find that I'm it but would love to be proven wrong.
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    [Member Intro] Texas Welder turned Cuber!

    Be sure to check out the "Older Cubers Discussion" thread if you haven't already, lots of folks in your situation of just enjoying the process rather than chasing pure top speed! Don't worry, it's 'older' meaning 'not 15 years old', there are many 20-30-40 year olds enjoying the scene.
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    6.91 Official 3x3 Single

    This was definitely the highlight of my day on Saturday! Done at ODU Big Blue Fall 2019.
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    Random Cubing Discussion

    AHAHAHAHA I'm sorry I can't help you but I think this the best post I've ever seen in this thread XD
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    [NAR] Will Callan 1.23 2x2 average!

    LOL Kit at the end
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    Full ZB - 7.60 Official Average

    Really impressive. And excuse my ignorance, but how does ZBLS work? Is it a set of algs or more of an F2L approach a la "it becomes algorithmic with experience"? How do you think that system now compares to your standard CFOP times?
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    Odd WCA stats/ Stats request Thread

    I'd be willing to bet someone has done all (or most) events at their first comp.
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    [NAR] 4.24 NAR by Patrick Ponce

    Typically you want to check if stuff like this has already been posted...the day it happened, instead of a week and a half later.
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    Blindfold Accomplishment Thread

    World first, congrats. I remember how incredible it was when Roman got the 2-7.
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    Year's Records (YWR/YCR) / Fastest of the year 2019 That's a start, if there was an option for that "only 2019" selection in the records page that would probably be what you are looking for.