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    Weekly Competition 2016-44

    4x4: 53.27, 54.32, (1:01.74), 57.70, (47.40) = 55.10 4BLD: DNF(9:29.15),
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    Weekly Competition 2016-43

    4x4: 57.17, 55.07, 56.72, (57.45), (50.63) = 56.32 5x5: 1:48.53, (1:55.10), 1:49.68, (1:46.32), 1:52.58 = 1:50.26 3BLD: DNF(2:18.96), 1:38.59, 2:07.11 = 1:38.59 4BLD: DNF(11:03.18), DNF(13:24.27), DNF(9:33.12) 2nd scramble had 5:30 memo, forgot the very first pair I memorised and spent...
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    Blindfold Accomplishment Thread

    Guess I'm back hi 4BLD 13:21.17[8:13.06]. I think my last attempt before this week was in 2012.
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    Solar Roadways

    I think you underestimate just how much power the developed world uses. Renewable energy is a complex issue - it doesn't just come down to "build more solar panels and wind farms".
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    The One-Answer Question Thread [closed]

    VHLS doesn't orient all pieces. VHLS orients LL edges if the final F2L block is already paired. It's a subset of ZBLS, which solves the last F2L slot + edge orientation.
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    Speedcubing in Melbourne

    At the moment I can't make Sundays either. Uni Mon-Thu, Fri off, work Sat+Sun. So yeah, not much chance I'll get to a meetup in the near future.
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    Speedcubing in Melbourne

    ^Basically this
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    Belief in evolution?

    Evolution started out as a hypothesis, or as a collection of related hypotheses. But the mountain of evidence in support of it and the inability of anyone to satisfactorily disprove it lead to it becoming one of the most well-supported theories to ever exist in science. You can argue over the...
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    Belief in evolution?

    Er, no. Atheism is simply a lack of belief in a deity. There's no requirement to believe anything with any kind of certainty.
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    Belief in evolution?

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    Belief in evolution?

    It's the one person who insists on arguing over semantics who is an idiot.
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    Belief in evolution?

    Unfortunately, I don't understand it much more than you do. Particle physics has an annoying tendency to be completely unintuitive. However, a huge amount of work has been done in these areas by people much cleverer than me, and I believe their observations and their mathematics much more than...
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    Belief in evolution?

    And my post was a reply to yours. Your questions were answerable, Schmidt's weren't.
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    Belief in evolution?

    Why does there have to be a "who"? I'm not a physicist, but my understanding is that quantum fluctuations in the energy-dense early universe were enough to cause the massive inflation predicted by the Big Bang model. It didn't/isn't expand(ing) into a medium, the medium itself is expanding. It's...