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    2-gen edge cycles

    Thanks. I haven't come across anything like this before and I found this very interesting. Your explanation worked for me to understand how this works. I have not tried to put it into practice into an actual solve yet but will give it a go on a sighted basis initially. One thing that confused me...
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    Corner Commutators for ULB buffer

    Thanks for the comments. I'm not hoping to remember all these but I'm trying to work out how the different groups look the same to make it easier to work them intuitively. Eg how the columns cases are similar, so I also use this list to compare the comms in each group and to see what the case...
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    Corner Commutators for ULB buffer

    Hi all, First post here. Beginner blind solver on 3x3 and using OP/M2 but wanting to transition to commutators for corners but the only alg list I could find was for URB buffer. So I converted the URB list (Chris Hardwick's site) to ULB using excel. Letter pairing is for Speff. I know you...