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    [AsR] Sean Patrick Villanueva 5.98 3x3 Average!

    Alex Lau and Kian really disapprove of this message.
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    [WR] Yusheng Du - 3.47 3×3 single

    Congratulations! An incredible solve!
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    Accomplishment Thread

    9.74, 8.57 (PLL skip), 10.54, 15.07, 11.11 = 10.46 average of 5 After nine years it feels good to get under the 10.5 threshold. Sub 10 is the next big one.
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    Possible WCA Comp in Chicago Area?

    I'm not finding any statistics on murders in Oak Lawn in years. I think your parents just don't want to take you.
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    The reconstruction thread

    His mother usually records his solves. I'm sure they'll be on YT by either tonight or tomorrow sometime.
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    How many solves do you think you've done?

    Probably about 80,000 in 8.5 years.
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    Wisconsin Cubing Group

    I'm not interested in anything unofficial so I don't. I guess the best resource would be to look out for them on the forums though.
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    Wisconsin Cubing Group

    I'm curious about all you new guys. I'm a real old timer, been cubing since 2008, currently going to college in Whitewater but originally from Wisconsin Dells area. I've been kind of inactive on the forums for the past couple of years and am really shocked by how many WI cubers there are now...
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    6.80 avg 5 - Anthony Brooks

    I'd be very interested in you and Anthony collaborating on algs as well for BLE. I've really wanted to get it some more exposure in the last couple years but there hasn't been too much interest. I think I've only had like three people send me emails about it in the last four years. Going back...
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    6.80 avg 5 - Anthony Brooks

    Wow, that's awesome. I had no idea he used it. I'm extremely humbled. Thanks for sharing.
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    6.80 avg 5 - Anthony Brooks

    Crazy were in a time where sub 7 averages don't get as much love as they should! Nicely done Anthony! Was the third solve some BLE? Hard to tell. If not, are you still using it?
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    Janesville Area Cubing Club

    I go to college in Whitewater about 20 minutes from Janesville. Most cubers live in the Madison area though. Richland Center would be okay for me, as my hometown is about 30 minutes from there, but it's kind of in the middle of nowhere.
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    One-Answer Megaminx Question Thread

    I just dusted off an old megaminx from my drawer and am trying to get good at it. Does anyone know what kind of megaminx I have? I also have an old Mefferts and Dayan minx but this one is best. I just down know the brand and if it's still considered any good. PB is about 2:39 after three days of...
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    Hi... unfortunately I do not. Anthony Brooks had an updated list of algorithms on his website...

    Hi... unfortunately I do not. Anthony Brooks had an updated list of algorithms on his website but has since taken them down. I'll contact Anthony and see if I can help you out. Thanks.
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    The "I quit / pause / return / change / etc." thread

    I've decided to step away from speedsolving after an amazing eight years. I've gotten to travel, meet friends from all over the world, and most importantly learn to love the great puzzle that is the Rubik's Cube. To the friends I have met along the way, it's been amazing to watch you all...