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    Weekly Competition 2017-17

    FMC: 29
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    Unique 1983 Megaminx Method

    Yes, there's at most 4 bad edges, so AUF one edge and you got at most 5C4E left.
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    The FMC thread

    You can view it as a conjugate of a well known LL case, although I would have done it as U' B2 R B R2 U R U2 B U2. That alternative version could come in handy if it cancels more moves, though.
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    ZBLL for megaminx

    Something less than 16*5*152=12080. The same reasoning gives at most 7*4*22=616 for the 3x3, which is certainly a over count, but in the right ball park.
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    [WR] Feliks Zemdegs - 6.45 3x3 average

    Took him long enough.
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    The FMC thread

    IF still finds a 29 if you check "Other":
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    The Roux "Example Solve" Game!

    S' R' B' U2 F L' [Opp. Squares] D' F U F' D [FB] F L' F L' U L U' F L [SB+CMLL+EO] E2 F' E2 F' E F2 D2 [LSE] (27s)
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    The FMC thread

    Cool, I got a 24 on that scramble. Did you try
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    [WR] Marcel Peters 24.33 FMC mean

    Very nice consistency! How many is "many skeletons"?
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    Favourite/Main Event Poll

    So... where's the best event?
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    The FMC thread

    This one: ...or this one: ...or maybe even this one:
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    The FMC thread

    I just knew I was missing something, got a 27 on that scramble. Speaking of which I also got a 27 on the other weekly. Maybe we should agree upon what to call these two?
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    Questions about <U,D,B2,L2,F2,R2>

    Since God's number for the domino is 18*, it should 9, right? Since you don't count U and D moves should be able to adjust those layers to be able to solve E at the same as U and D. *
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    [NAR] 33.05+32.87 Feet singles, 35.70 mo3

    Feet drops of way faster than 4x4 though.