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    Cubers in Puerto Rico!

    Hola todos mis amigos de Puerto Rico!! Hey if there are any cubers in Puerto Rico, i will be there to visit Family all of June and if anyone wants to hang out or have a little meet up hit me up! Either reply to the thread or you can email me at [email protected] Have a great day everyone!
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    The One-Answer Question Thread [closed]

    Shengshou 5x5 Piece Missing!! Hello fellow cubers. The other day I was cubing and I happen to have popped my Shengshou 5x5 and a corner center piece fell into the grass. I thought it would be easy to find but that was not the case. I ended up mowing the lawn and going on all fours just to find...
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    Comps in Georgia?

    That would be great. I was born in georgia and that would be awesome if there could be a comp around there. Georgia tech os actually the place where I was born. This would be an awesome oppurtunity
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    World Championships 2013 - Las Vegas

    I wanted to go to Nats in Vegas not to long ago and my parents are the same. I havent been to a comp in a year and they think I still have the same time from December when Im getting sub 15 solves and with my megaminx solves I could be one of the top in the U.S. I am already num=ber 1 in my...
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    US Nationals 2012 (Las Vegas)

    Cant wait. Im going!
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    Teachers who support you cubing/puzzling

    I cube in middle school when I can. I dont cube in class cayse if they see a person with a cube they autimatically take it. Only my math teacher encourages it. And gets really excited when I tell her that I have a comp. She will call the school news lady for the cube comp. Now the news person is...
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    Cubing Seminar

    It is today. I will be discussing The history of the rubiks cube. I will show a power piont about most f the stuff. I will also Talk about the v cube company and there higher order cubes. I will hopefull videotape it.
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    Cubing Seminar

    My father works at a University in Kentucky. He met a Math major that is in a Math and science club. The person who runs it asked my dad to let my run a seminar on Rubik's cubes and cubing. I said yes and my dad said yes so I will be running a seminar at a university for Rubik's cubes!
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    does shengshou 6x6 need to be modded

    I am just breaking mine in and it is great. I also took at the stock lube and put in maru and a bit of lubix.
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    Cubers from North America

    I am from Puerto Rico but I live in Kentucky. Could there be a Puerto Rico one as it is part of North America?
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    [Unofficial] 6x6 Solve 7:13.23

    This is a really good solve for me. I would really like some advice and tell me how can I do beter. This is my 10th 6x6 solve. I am really getting into big cubes now. Thank you! Btw The cube is a Shengshou 6x6.
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    [Unofficial] trolollo 7x7

    That 7x7 looks really tight. Is that good for you?
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    New Dayan+Mf8 4x4 (Updated picture)

    That cube looks very interesting and I will probably get it because of the anti-pop. I wonder what the price will be though.
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    How many megaminx solves do you do in a day?And in how much time you've done a sub1?

    I do an average of 12 a day or a few averages of 5 but I havent got to sub 1 yet
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    Dayan+Mf8 8x8x8

    I hope that this one has a lower price then the shengshou.