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    World Record predictions in the year 2020?

    One second on all puzzles.
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    Dubstep Cubers?

    I would sooner take pencils and stab my ear drums than listen to dubstep.
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    Speed Banana Eating

    Second try.
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    Most sports games(MLB, Madden, NBA, Rugby), Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3, Left 4 Dead 2, Portal 1 & 2. I have a bunch more games that I don't really play much. I also time to time will rock my N64.
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    In a relationship?

    Single, and not really anyone in sight. Came close to one last year, but it didn't quite take off.
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    Speed Banana Eating

    Haven't been here for a while so I'm only just now seeing this, but I got bananas today and I'm totally gonna try this.
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    Color neutral achievers poll

    I've been color neutral since day one. I actually had been cubing over six months probably before I even found out some people used the same cross every time. I thought that was confining. Still do. :D
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    How the people of SS can help my brother

    Between here and another place I posted this I have 20 states and 13 countries represented in his card. This really does mean so much to me, y'all, and I know it will mean a lot to him too. Aiming to get 100 names, keep 'em coming!
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    How the people of SS can help my brother

    Some of you know this and were really helpful, and I'm sure some of you are new and unfamiliar with what's going on, so I'll summarize. My brother was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2008. Things were looking positive, then there have been some recent complications and he will have to go in for...
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    Some of y'all were incredibly supportive during the news of my brother's cancer...

    So I feel like I should give an update. I doubt a lot of you who had my brother/family in your thoughts and prayers back then are still here, but if you are, here's the update. For those who weren't around, here is the short version. In 2008 my brother was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He...
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    Christmas photo contest

    Chanukkah allowed? :D
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    Cube Tattoo!

    I would agree with this. When I was huge into cubes I considered getting a cube tattoo. Looking back I'm very very glad I didn't.
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    Speedcubing in Washington State

    Speedcubing in Washington I am new to Washington(Moved here in January). I just noticed that due to the fact I am very out of touch on the cubing world, I missed two competitions. Who are some cubers in Washington who might want to have a meet up? I am in Olympia at TESC right now. If anyone...
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    Rubik's Cube Quiz

    16/24. My cube knowledge is dwindling.
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    What was your best time at 2 months cubing?

    Probably over a minute. I knew how to solve one a while before I actually started trying to get fast.