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    Is the YouTube cubing scene dying?

    Jperm is has only been around for like 2 yrs
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    Nc cubers willing to staff

    Should probably actually plan the comp first. People will staff
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    Accomplishment Thread

    29.57 4x4 PB. First sub 30 :)
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    Accomplishment Thread

    4x4 PB streak 30.48 single 35.21 mo3 36.86 ao5 38.54 ao12 39.25 ao50 40.10 ao100
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    Accomplishment Thread

    Got a 31.53 4x4 PB :)
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    Organizing comps

    Nearly everyone has to travel at least some to compete. Not sure what your county is but there are going to be 2 comps in the triad area this summer/fall.
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    Accomplishment Thread

    Im sub 45 in 4x4 now :)
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    Organizing comps

    Contact your local delegate, they are usually pretty happy to help and they will be helping you out a lot anyway if you actually decide to organize one.
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    [Help Thread] 4x4 Discussion and Help

    Hi guys, trying to get sub 40 and looking for some tips. I know yau and currently average 44-45. I can predict at least the first center in inspection. My cube is a poorly lubed thunderclap mini, I just ordered a wuque mini m. I'm sub 10 on 3x3. I know like 5 last 2 edge pairing algs, and maybe...
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    [Member Intro] I'm addicted

    Welcome to SS :)
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    [Member Intro] A little about me (:

    Welcome to SS :)
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    How to be sub 20

    What are your splits? How are you defining good OLL/PLL and lookahead?
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    Color Neutrality, Pros and Cons

    I wish I was color neutral but I don't want to put all the effort into switching now. I have tried a time or two and just didn't make any progress.
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    [Member Intro] Piyush

    Welcome to SS :)