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    who else is scared of cubing in public?

    I'm also scared people will get mad at the noise
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    Best 4x4 comparison

    Not for me, but I usually think cubes are too fast not too slow I found it too fast, but I think that’s mostly personal preference. I prefer a more controllable cube
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    Best 4x4 comparison

    It's a nice cube but I couldn't main it
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    Best 4x4 comparison

    I think so. I used the Wuque until the Valk came out and definitely prefer it
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    Opinions on clock?

    The definition of twisty or twisty puzzle is irrelevant. It's missing the whole twisty puzzle, colorful vibe. I also don't like it because there is only one company selling clocks (which was a large reason people were against redi cube), and it's a poor spectator event. As for hardware, you...
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    Rocky The Ram Cubes 2019

    Location: Winston Salem, NC Events: 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, OH, megaminx, pyraminx Registration opens June 30
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    Favourite WCA events list

    1. 3x3 2. 4x4 im a boring person ok :p
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    Accomplishment Thread

    I'm now sub 40 on 4x4 :D
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    Is the YouTube cubing scene dying?

    Jperm is has only been around for like 2 yrs
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    Nc cubers willing to staff

    Should probably actually plan the comp first. People will staff
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    Accomplishment Thread

    29.57 4x4 PB. First sub 30 :)