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    [Help Thread] F2L Discussion and Help

    Learn it intuitively if you aren't already. J Perm has a good video on it.
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    I have an actual name for the "Awkward Shape" OLLs

    this is the kind of content im here for
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    Best 4x4 comparison

    Not for me, but I usually think cubes are too fast not too slow I found it too fast, but I think that’s mostly personal preference. I prefer a more controllable cube
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    Best 4x4 comparison

    It's a nice cube but I couldn't main it
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    Best 4x4 comparison

    I think so. I used the Wuque until the Valk came out and definitely prefer it
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    Opinions on clock?

    The definition of twisty or twisty puzzle is irrelevant. It's missing the whole twisty puzzle, colorful vibe. I also don't like it because there is only one company selling clocks (which was a large reason people were against redi cube), and it's a poor spectator event. As for hardware, you...
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    Rocky The Ram Cubes 2019

    Location: Winston Salem, NC Events: 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, OH, megaminx, pyraminx Registration opens June 30
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    Nc cubers willing to staff

    Should probably actually plan the comp first. People will staff
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    [Help Thread] Organizing official WCA competitions

    Contact your local delegate, they are usually pretty happy to help and they will be helping you out a lot anyway if you actually decide to organize one.
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    [Help Thread] 4x4 Discussion and Help

    Hi guys, trying to get sub 40 and looking for some tips. I know yau and currently average 44-45. I can predict at least the first center in inspection. My cube is a poorly lubed thunderclap mini, I just ordered a wuque mini m. I'm sub 10 on 3x3. I know like 5 last 2 edge pairing algs, and maybe...
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    [Help Thread] F2L Discussion and Help

    It can be useful sometimes, depends on the case. If rotating to insert is going to help with future pairs, then go ahead and rotate. But if it's better not to, then do the alg.
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    How To Get Fast On The Rubik's Cube

    The only tip video I will ever make.
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    I need help with BLD memorization!

    After every few edges, just mentally repeat everything you've memo'd so far.
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    Homeschool Cubers Thread

    Doing well. How about you? We did a co-op for a year and didn't like it.