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    Thoughts on Going to Competitions Starting June 5th?

    I would strongly urge that June is too soon to start having WCA competitions again, especially not in countries that haven't been doing widespread testing and whose covid-19 cases are still significant. Infection risk is primary determined by the degree of exposure multiplied by time, and so...
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    What would happen if the world's best mathematicians devoted their research to cube theory?

    I would assume that breakthroughs would occur, but then again, I don't know how much academic research is done on rubik's cubes and cube theory already. Either way, I think it's interesting to think about. When I say "world's best mathematicians," I mean those who are the best in the areas most...
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    Mathematics Thread

    Are complex numbers ever used in cube theory?
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    Formula for Calculating Positions of a NxNxN Cube?

    I'm curious as to the applications of doing calculus with these formulas, are there any particular reasons why one would want to compute the derivative of these formulas?
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    [Help Thread] F2L Discussion and Help

    The bottom line is that everyone adapts to methods at different rates, and with enough practice I GUARANTEE you that using F2L/CFOP will pay off a ton. Just be patient and grind away at it.
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    Applications of integration applied to Rubik's cubes

    In my calculus II course we have to do a project where we apply integration to some aspect of our lives. We've learned a whole bunch of different applications of integration, including area, volume, work, averages, centroids, moments, arc length, surface area, laminar flow, cardiac output...
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    Accomplishment Thread

    PB single by a lot!!!!!! 8.34!!!!! compared to my previous PB from about 2 years ago, 9.48. Scramble:L F' R' U F2 U L F R F' R2 B2 D2 F R2 L2 D2 B' U2 D2 inspection: y cross+pair: U' R' f2l1: L' U L f2l2: U R U2 R' U' L U' L' f2l3: U2 y U R U' R' U R U' R' U2 y' R U' R' f2l4: y U' R U' R' y'...
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    [Help Thread] OLL and PLL Discussion

    What I do is I just do the R' U R' without regripping (have the cube gripped so your pointer finger is in the position to to a B move, and after doing R' just do the U with your pointer finger, then follow through with the R') then I quickly regrip so I can do a D2 with my right ring-middle...
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    Cubers in Hudson Valley New York?

    I live in the Hudson Valley/Catskills area! However, I'm on the other side of poughkeepsie, so about 40 min away from lagrangeville. But I'd be willing to help, it just depends on whether the comp would conflict with finals week.
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    Teenage cubers discussion

    C C++ is very similar to Java, so I'd say learn C++ first.
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    Teenage cubers discussion

    When you're my age (almost 18), you realize that's completely false :p
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    Logarithmic Regression of 3x3 PB Averages

    So I was thinking, if I calculate the equation for the logarithmic regression of my 3x3 PB averages, what do I get? So I used this website to plug in my data points, with the x value corresponding to AoX and the y value being the time. Since obviously everyone solves at different speeds, meaning...
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    Teenage cubers discussion

    Gotcha, looks like I have one more year of eligibility on this post then.
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    Teenage cubers discussion

    What's the cutoff for "teenager?" Is it 18? 19? College? Just wondering.
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    The New Method / Substep / Concept Idea Thread

    Try the new method/substep thread and also the speedsolving wiki. I'd say 99% of the time it's either a slight alteration of a previously established method or it's a previously established method, I thought I "invented" the belt method and PCMS (like a lot of people) until I realized it's...