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    CubingUSA Regional Championships

    I disagree with this, and I imagine most competitors who frequent FL competitions would also disagree. Regarding this arbitrary residency length of time: While I know CubingUSA discussed this, maybe it's not apparent to people who weren't part of the discussion: What about people who move? What...
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    Looking to HIRE a 3x3 speed solver for an event in November in Miami

    I'm the local Delegate for Florida. I can attempt to find a cuber for you in the Miami area, but could you post the location? This might make it easier? Miami is a big place :)
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    [Proposal] Rename the Ortega 2x2 Method to Varasano

    I assure you the method is very similar (ie: almost, if not, identical) when looking at it from a pure 2x2 perspective. While cuberBruce did already agree with this - I have personally seen Varasano's solution, and he uses the same algs we still use to this day to orient and permute his corners...
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    [Proposal] Rename the Ortega 2x2 Method to Varasano

    While this could be true, the video Chris made does show a screenshot of a conversation with who is believed to be Josef, saying which books Victor took inspiration from. As stated in a previous message (though, in a reply directly to Stefan), Josef said "solve cube in 45 sec (or st. like...
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    [Proposal] Rename the Ortega 2x2 Method to Varasano

    I feel like if anybody would have used an Amazon review as evidence to back up their claim to you, you wouldn't accept it. Josef, who helped developed the method, mentioned "solve cube in 45 seconds (or st. like that)". The only first page results when I google "solve cube in 45 seconds"...
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    [Proposal] Rename the Ortega 2x2 Method to Varasano

    I hope with that statement that means you've had it. If you have had it, then you know you vastly understated his ability :)
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    [Proposal] Rename the Ortega 2x2 Method to Varasano

    Well, I said that because I remember a few years ago there being a movement on this forum about that. I feel like Cubecast might have had a hand in that (as in, the idea started there, and another user went through with a poll or something). It's hard to remember, so I don't want to point...
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    [Proposal] Rename the Ortega 2x2 Method to Varasano

    Isn't this the reason why we call it CFOP rather than Fridrich?
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    [Official] Chris Olson - US Nationals 2x2 Finals 2nd Place 1.88 Average

    Fixed. I haven't posted in so long that I used the wrong bbcode. Whoops.
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    US Nationals 2015 -- July 31 - August 2, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

    Anybody interested in seeing a mentalist (magic / mind reading type stuff) show? See this thread for more information:
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    US Nationals 2015 - Bill Gladwell Show

    Bill Gladwell has a show on the island. He is offering a 25% discount to anybody who uses the code USNATS2015 when they purchase tickets. Also, if we have at least 30 people who would prefer to go Friday or Saturday night at 10pm, he would add a special date for us. Showtimes: Sunday —...
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    Atlanta Open 2015 - August 8th, 2015

    1) Free 2) Not at this time (that I'm aware of), but that doesn't mean that won't change. Generally, people trade/sell puzzles at most competitions, so if you're really looking for a puzzle, I'm sure you can find one if you ask around. 3) The schedule page exists for a reason ;)
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    New 2015 WCA Regulations (Effective July 1, 2015)

    This is a horrible argument. This is similar to saying "Screw it, let's just drop all the regulations because some people bypass them anyway." Delegates are a trusted position, just as every other position of some sort of authority. If that person can't be trusted, they'll lose that position...
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    Indiana 2015 (June 12-13, 2015)

    I'm afraid to inform you that you'll just have to clear your schedule and make that competition :P