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    Accomplishment Thread

    3x3x4 tied WB ao5 and WB ao12: Generated By csTimer+ on 2021-09-13 avg of 5: 18.27 Time List: 1. 18.52 u S2 U u L2 U2 M2 U2 u M2 F2 U' B2 M2 F2 L2 S2 u' F2 L2 F2 u' L2 U' M2 S2 u' B2 R2 U2 R2 u R2 U2 S2 M2 U2 u2 S2 U 2. (20.41) B2 R2 S2 R2 u M2 B2 U' R2 B2 u' F2 u' B2 L2 B2 M2 U' F2 u2 R2...
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    Accomplishment Thread

    WB 3x3x4 ao12 21.32 (former was 21.57 lmao): Generated By csTimer+ on 2021-09-11 avg of 12: 21.32 Time List: 1. 23.24 L2 U2 R2 B2 M2 U2 u2 M2 B2 U' M2 F2 L2 F2 R2 B2 R2 u2 L2 u' S2 L2 B2 L2 U R2 B2 L2 U' M2 F2 L2 u' U2 F2 L2 F2 M2 u' U' 2. 22.91 F2 u' R2 u' B2 M2 S2 U2 R2 U2 R2 u U' F2 L2...
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    3x3x4 best speedsolving method?

    There aren't many resources on this very fun unofficial event, but I recently learned that there isn't only one method for this apparently. I'd like to see what you think (motivating pros and cons) is the best way to solve a 3x3x4. My personal background on the event: I got my first 3x3x4 a bit...
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    SkewbSkills: offline / online Tool to practice Skewb L2L Algs and First Layer

    For some reason I can't edit, so I'll post in a reply: I saw that the newest version has a 1-look trainer, which pretty much solves suggestion 1. But it'd be really great to implement the possibility of choosing FLs.
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    SkewbSkills: offline / online Tool to practice Skewb L2L Algs and First Layer

    Sorry for the necroposting, but I have a couple suggestions: -The FL trainer, as far as I understand, is basically a scramble generator that generates scrambles with n moves. I think a better idea (which need not just replace what exists already, it could also just be an added feature) is to...
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    Skewb example solve game

    x' y' b' R' r' z r' R' r B r' R r z' r' R r R' z' r' Next: B R B U' B L R' L' .
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    Journey to ZBLL + Why ZBLL is so important

    Why does the poll not have the option "I've already learnt it"?
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    Make assumptions about the next person

    I don't dislike them. Mostly. Next person knows at least half of non PLL ZBLL.
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    ksolve+ v1.0 - general-purpose algorithm finder

    Can anyone give me any detailed explanation on how the command "Ignore" works on ksolve++? I can't figure out if the ignored pieces are the pieces themselves or the positions. In particular I'm working on skewb (with full rubikskewb notation :) ) and I'm trying to generate short layers where...
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    The Pyraminx "Example Solve" Game

    [U'] u l' L U R //set up to Oka L U' L' U //Oka [L'] L R' L' R2 U' R' U l //LL Next: U' L' R B L B' R' B' L' l r u'
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    New Terms for Common Triggers?

    R U R' is pull R U' R' is push R U2 R' is super R U' R is upward R' U R' is downward the first three IIRC are taken from bob burton's website, the page about teamBLD
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    My General Cubing Progress

    Hey! I've recently become a new entry to the full ZBLL club. so, first of all, as DG said already full ZBLL is a huge commitment, make sure you really want to put in the effort for such a big task. second: USE THE ZBLL TRAINER TO YOUR ADVANTAGE it's helpful as heck, and helped me consolidate...
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    6x6+ Blindfolded Rankings Thread

    first success on 6BLD: 40:16.48=25:36.21+14:40.27 Rw2 3Rw2 U 3Uw2 3Fw Bw2 Uw' 3Rw2 Fw R Bw Uw' Bw B2 R' L2 Rw2 3Uw2 3Fw Rw' 3Rw2 F' Dw F' 3Rw2 R' Bw2 3Uw2 Fw2 R D' L Rw F' R' 3Rw Fw2 Uw2 F Rw D Lw2 L Uw2 Bw D' R' 3Fw2 Rw R L Dw' B Rw' Lw' F2 Bw' Uw' L 3Fw' 3Rw' Lw2 F' 3Rw Rw2 R Dw2 R F Rw' Uw...
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    Accomplishment Thread

    I. JUST. FINISHED. LEARNING. FULL. ZBLL! 493/493 Also, I've learnt 2h algs and OH algs. ZB is fun :)