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    "All WCA Events Completion" Club

    Finally joined the platinum club after successfully solving 5x5x5 blindfolded yesterday! Official results
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    Gan Megaminx Overview | Everything You Need to Know

    I had the chance to briefly try it out at WSM. It's very light. The indentations are good for grip although you have to get used to them. Turning is great, it's better than the Galaxy V2 M. Also it's less 'gummy', during algs you lockup less. If only it'd come with brown plastic as well...
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    [Unofficial] 5x5 in 59.65 with AvG method

    Old method, old guy :-)
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    MF3RS 3x3

    Just received 100 MF3RS. Price / quality of these cubes is really good. I can average sub-9 without any big problems. I would not go as far to say they are a competition to cubes like the Valk 3 or Gan Air. It is too locky for that, I think the springs are a bit too weak as well. But it is...
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    [Official] 8.49 sec average by an old man

    That's The Cubeman :) Ok ok not THAT old, though I don't know of any other sub 8.5 cuber above 25 years... Nice to see practice pays off, another sub-9 avg in the first round as well.
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    [Help Thread] What is a quiet 3x3 cube?

    That is actually quite clever! :D
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    [Help Thread] What is a quiet 3x3 cube?

    Hi all, as some of you might know, I'm not very active in competitive speedcubing anymore. Partly because of lack of time to practice and because I'm old :D While I started practicing for the WC I noticed (again) that practicing in public can sometimes be considered annoying by people who are...
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    Rubik's Cube World Championship 2017 - Paris, France (13-16 July 2017)

    Here is a psych sheet for the nation cup so far (top 25 countries included). +------+----------------+----------+---------------------------------+-------+ | Seed | Country | Team Avg | Cuber | Avg |...
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    [Official] Erik 4x4 in 28.87

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    "All WCA Events Completion" Club

    Hmmm... Number 14 on the platinum list would be nice. *Gets out 5x5 and closes eyes*
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    [Official] RIP 7.08 hello 6.75!

    Should probably be specified with which event as well. There are probably some people who have done an event once and then left it at that and THEN after a few years did it again. Not the case here of course :D No worries. I know about the Cubs. Actually know the address by heart because of the...
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    [Official] RIP 7.08 hello 6.75!

    Thank's Brest. I'm honoured a solve of mine is reconstructed by you! :D
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    [Official] RIP 7.08 hello 6.75!