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    Guhong v2 without torpedos!

    No. It wasn't even interesting enough to justify the one.
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    Guhong v2 without torpedos!

    Isn't it in the post you quoted?
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    The "I quit / pause / return / change / etc." thread

    It's been ~4 years since I last posted here. I took a long "break" from cubing to finish school and for other reasons. I didn't really think I would come back, at least not with as much intensity as I had back then. I was wrong and I really got sucked back in. A lot has changed in 4 years; the...
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    What's the algorithm for this Permutation?

    Use any PLL you want that swaps diagonal corners. You won't get a better alg than that. Why? Because it would already be one of the PLLs you could choose from.
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    Speedsolving Monthly Competition - 2009 08

    Ellis: 18.09 (14.60, 20.36) I haven't really cubed in around 2 months, but nonetheless this is severely disappointing.
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    Improvements for M2/R2

    I haven't had a chance to read deadalnix's posts, but did you try frederico's yet? x' (U M' U' M) U2 (M U M' U) x
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    Introducing qqTimer!

    Hmm, I keep getting something like this for 25 move 6-gen 2x2 scramble
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    slow on all methods

    Be patient, learn algs, practice. The only thing that you're doing wrong is getting frustrated by expecting too much. Stick to a method, maybe get a new cube, and relax. Everyone that's fast was where you are now. No reason to get confused.
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    V-7 Missing Pieces?

    I would check again, I bet you they are all like that.
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    The Nitpicky Grammar/Wording Thread

    I say permutation of the last layer, but that the PLL 'permutes' the last layer pieces. Any way is fine though since it means the same thing. When you do the F2L in such a way the it's influencing the LL?
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    Going the Speed of Light

    Nah. Maybe you just weren't specific enough. "People have slowed down light"? What do you mean by that? If you shine light into air it slows down, or water, or a plastic bottle. So yea, when you shine it into a cloud a molecules, it's going to slow down... big whoop.
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    Going the Speed of Light

    ............. Try shining light into...... ummmm ANYTHING Sorry, I don't want to sound rude... but seriously.
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    Going the Speed of Light

    True, but I should have specified.
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    Going the Speed of Light

    Well yea, oops. Even after the question I posed earlier :o I don't know why I was thinking external reference.
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    Going the Speed of Light

    No. If a star is 4 light years away, there's no way anything is getting there in faster than 4 years (or in 4 years unless it is light itself).