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    (New) What cubes should be added to the WCA events list?

    Yes, but the principle is meant for when an event is introduced. Excluding Skewb, all events had a phase where development was still happening when put it. Even 3x3 could have the argument that it hasn't staled yet (although we can say compared to others it has plateau'd) with the work being put...
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    (New) What cubes should be added to the WCA events list?

    Ok so i'm gonna throw in my opinion cause why not... I personally feel that the 18 events we had were fine and that there was no need for change but after a bit i've come to accept the removal of feet being some of the benefits during major competitions and having achieved what i wanted to with...
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    Fascinating old cubing documentary clips

    The first one seems like an action movie trailer and i love it hahaha... Thanks for finding these! (4:56-5 has to be my favourite shot of all though) anyway these are actually some very good documentary clips. Although the second one might have sprung up a few stereotypes.
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    Applications for Continental Championships 2020

    The main reason why i don't see the US applying is because of nationals. It has been a reason for them not applying for world's so it wouldn't surprise me if this was the case aswell. Mexico has had pretty large competitions but i still see Canada as most likely if they were interested.
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    Applications for Continental Championships 2020

    Well they'd determine continental champions etc... They have been held for years in Europe, Asia and South America. I guess the WCA just wants to expand on other continents.
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    Applications for Continental Championships 2020

    So the WCA just announced that they'll be taking in applications for all continental championships: I don't know if they did a similar thing two years ago, but this is still interesting. Pre-EDIT: Who do...
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    The New Method / Substep / Concept Idea Thread

    I see it now. Like on the second example solve i must've done a mistake cause i couldn't seem to get it. Also yes i went through more then the first two lines. anyway now that i have a better grasp of the method here's my opinion (doesn't have to be correct, it's an opinion): The biggest issue...
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    The New Method / Substep / Concept Idea Thread

    I can't fully understand the TriBlock. What exactly are we creating?
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    [Member Intro] ZZ is the future

    Actually for feet it might be the better method. See Jayden Mcneill’s ramble. Now for this. He never said that it was good for FMC but that eo was. Which unless you have 0 knowledge about FMC is true. EO is often used by top FMC solvers because of how it can create lower movecount blocks...
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    World Record predictions in the year 2020?

    Having some fun reading through 2009 replies. (not judging them considering our predictions of speed cubing in the future are gonna be as far of as these ones) ZZ didn't really go as planned did it. haha Kian would like to have a word with you xD ^^ This one basically sums up the previous...
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    World Record Predictions for Year 2025

    2x2 - 0.39/ 0.99 3x3 - 2.73/ 4.41 4x4 - 15.89/18.75 5x5 - 28.75/ 32.65 6x6 - 58.97/ 1:00.91 7x7 - 1:27.54/ 1:35.78 3x3 BLD - 12.56/ 16.43 4x4 BLD - 59.99/ 1:05.45 5x5 BLD - 2:30.57/ 2:40.32 3x3 OH - 6.12/ 8.69 3x3 fewest moves - 16/ 21.33 3x3 w/ feet - 12.34/ 15.43 (if this stays as an event)...
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    Accomplishment Thread

    I’m willing to believe it’s possible but considering that this scramble has already been posted in here in like 2007 it makes me think otherwise. Also it is present in ICS (Italian cube scrambler) and all those were put by hand. This said it is possible but unlikely. Also I made Feliks and...
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    Possible to get fast (20-30s) using this method for square-1?

    Tbh. I feel you want to be super fast at squan then you’re gonna have to learn a lot of algs and go with vanderberg, but if you want to be decently fast you can go for LIN. I know people that are sub-15 just knowing the 6 LIN cases and EPLL (+parity obv). Yes there’s people that are sub-10 with...
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    Idea for how Official WCA Events could work.

    Yep that’s why I tended not to agree with the other system that was proposed. This said 19-20 events would be possible with as system similar to the one I initially put out.
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    Idea for how Official WCA Events could work.

    Fair enough. I’m still for the current system, I just brought this up as an idea which could be developed a sub I still find the concept interesting to think about as it solves a lot of problems people have against how things currently are.