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    Race to Sub 13 and 14 (3x3)

    Round 29 Average of 12: 14.48 13.54, 16.55, 13.97, 13.94, (17.69+), (11.79), 14.04, 14.30, 14.18, 14.95, 15.19, 14.11
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    Favourite Sports and why?

    definitely bowling, and basketball too i like bowling because speed isn't a factor the way it is in basketball and cubing
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    [Unofficial] 9.13 average of 5 with 5 different methods

    Do you choose your method based on the scramble, or do you have a main method?
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    [Help Thread] Big Cube Discussion (5x5 / 6x6 / 7x7 / etc)

    H: R2 U2 R' U2 R2 U2 R2 U2 R' U2 R2 Z: R' U' R U' R U R U' R' U R U R2 U' R' U
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    Accomplishment Thread

    5x5 single pb - 1:21.92
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    [Official] 5.38 3x3 Solve - Collin Burns

    woah dood thats gotta be teh fastest ever official solve on that exact scramble
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    Any new 7x7s coming?

    do you know when it's coming? cause i'll definitely be ordering it as soon as it comes out haha
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    Accomplishment Thread

    6x6 pb's - 2:55.11 ao5 and 2:57.82 ao12
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    Music City Winter 2016 - January 2, 2016

    how did i get a sub 5 2x2 average, i NEVER practice 2x2 and i average 7 seconds haha... i guess getting the same pbl case 4/5 solves helps :P anyway, this comp was awesome and thanks to aussie, chris, and everyone else who made it possible :)
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    Music City Winter 2016 - January 2, 2016

    this is a long shot, but does anybody have a bottle of maru lube i could buy from them? i'll buy it
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    Rubik's Cube Quiz

    i got 18, it was a lot harder than i thought it would be lol
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    Post your end of 2015 cube collections!

    2x2 - lalnlan, yuxin (i obviously hate 2x2 lol) (2) 3x3 - rubik's, zhanchi, mini zhanchi, guhong, guanlong, shuang ren, aolong v1, aolong v2, mini aolong, tanglong, thunderclap (11) 4x4 - 2 shengshous, aosu (3) 5x5 - rubik's, shengshou, yuxin (3) 6x6 - 2 shengshous, 2 aoshis (4) 7x7 -...
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    Music City Winter 2016 - January 2, 2016

    ok, sounds good! thanks, i'll try to find you asap :)