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    What is the easiest WCA event to get world class at?

    All it takes to become world class at 7x7 is alot of solves, as long as you have good 3x3 efficiency. It took me about 6 months and about 2000 solves to go from 4 minute average to 2:45 and I got a good official single back in June of 2:38 that put me top 100 in the world at the time. As long as...
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    Upcoming puzzles

    It's just their way of selling off small batches of their experimental cubes, I assume that if people like them then they will produce more of them but most will probably never be made again.
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    [Member Intro] 1 year of speedcubing

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    [Member Intro] New member from Singapore

    Welcome, Chinese sites aren't bad, especially if you live near there I assume, and you don't need custom cubes, they are pretty good out of the box, I would certainly suggest getting a good 4x4 and 5x5 (aosu WRM and valk 5) and then if you want to learn Yau or just do what I do and be good at...
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    [Member Intro] Heyyyy

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    cubes for sale at UKC

    Not at the venue, all the cubes advertised are still available and I will continue to work to expand my store regardless.
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    Cubing in public - my experience

    Or just use stickerless cubes and then you can just say 'here, try'
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    cubes for sale at UKC

    Meilong: Meilong 2x2x2: £3 Meilong 3x3x3: £3 Meilong pyra: £3 Meilong 4x4x4: £5 Meilong 5x5x5: £6 Meilong 3x3x3M: £10 2x2x2: Valk 2M: £13 Weipo WRM: £13 3x3x3: Thunderclap V3M: £8 Gan 356X: £36 4x4x4: Aosu WRM: £30 5x5x5: Huanglong 5x5x5: £18 Valk 5M: £35 7x7x7: YLM...
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