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    US Nationals 2016 - July 29 - 31, Portland, Oregon

    I would be willing to rule out San Fran and Orlando, simply because they have hosted a major competition in the past, but what do I know.
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    # of Skewb states

    Think it would be possible to memorize every position? Also...does this include mirrors/inverses etc.?
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    Same Scrambles Or Separate Scrambles For Different Heats?

    My only criticism about your post: A judge or scrambler should not be judging or scrambling before competing unless the scrambles are going to be changed before they compete. In Canada for the early rounds we generally run 2 sets of scrambles for this exact reason.
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    [Unofficial] 6.85 3x3 Ao5

    Yah, the link worked. Awesome solves btw. Only thing I'd mention is your start/stop. These times would have probably half a second or so added to them if you were starting/ending with hands flat and not holding/set up around the cube.
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    Interested in ZBLL? ZB masterclass at Nats 2015

    Wait...people actually learned full ZB?! I remember when it first came out it was a neat idea but no one was up to the challenge...
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    [Help Thread] How can I get sub x on 3x3?

    Do you know much about empty slotting for F2L? I find those very helpful...they cut a lot of moves out of some of the more complex cases. Other than that, I'd say practice turning slower but consistent. Practice look ahead so you aren't stopping in between pairs.
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    Selling Entire Collection *(13 Puzzles - 2 Ghosts, 3 Aolong V1s)*

    Can you estimate how much it would be to ship based on weight/size?
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    Selling Entire Collection *(13 Puzzles - 2 Ghosts, 3 Aolong V1s)*

    Definitely not willing to send to Canada?
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    [WR] Rami Sbahi - 0.58 2x2 Single and 1.55 Average

    I just want to add two questions to the discussion, because I think we have to look at the situation objectively, not subjectively, which a lot of people seem to be. "It was Rami, Feliks..." etc. 1) If this was not Rami (or someone else in the same ballpark for skill level) would you be...
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    [WR] Rami Sbahi - 0.58 2x2 Single and 1.55 Average

    Rami did not discuss the scramble though. The other competitor came to him and showed him. Rami told the other competitor to go away and that he can't see that along with the rest of the people at the table.
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    [WR] Rami Sbahi - 0.58 2x2 Single and 1.55 Average

    Awesome, glad we found common ground.
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    [WR] Rami Sbahi - 0.58 2x2 Single and 1.55 Average

    If you want to take the side that the regulations should be enforced on someone whether or not the person broke them deliberately then ok, I'll go with that. That is why Rami was not given the world record. He had seen the puzzle and "broke" the rule you stated above. Beyond that there is...
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    [WR] Rami Sbahi - 0.58 2x2 Single and 1.55 Average

    Yes, I agree with this. We have the same issue at the Canadian competitions. We use 2 groups of scrambles for that to minimize the changes and to keep the "fairness" I was talking about. If you need more than 2 groups to swap out the scramblers/judges you should be talking to your competitors...
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    [WR] Rami Sbahi - 0.58 2x2 Single and 1.55 Average

    What do the regulations say about using scrambles for different heats? In theory we should all be following that. In terms of "fairness" I believe everyone should have the same scrambles, with some way of ensuring that no one discuss scrambles. As far as I am aware with how the regulations are...