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    Weekly competition 2010-05

    3x3x3 : (24.40), 26.09, 26.25, 27.03, (31.66) = 26.46 I'm still here, hardly cube now, so times are slow. Might add more.
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    Your RU' or R'U x63 best time?

    Here's a video I took at Jude's house of Charlie Cooper getting sub-15 > I fail as I stop the video as soon as she finishes.
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    Price Break,15% off for popbuying SKU:27089(2x3x3 QJ)

    Thanks Jack, I just ordered one, with a Ghost Hand cube and a psp battery. great offer!
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    What comes up when you google your Username?

    wow, haven't done this for a while. It used to bring up all sorts of gaming forums I was registered on, as well as my youtube, speedsolving profiles and other internet websites I have registered on. I just tried it now and it bring up pages with information about cooking oil and low fat...
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    TapStack© timer for iPhone!

    Good app ! Emulates the stackmat timer perfectly and the graphics look great. I submitted a review (UK) and rated 5 stars.
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    Bristol Spring 2010

    As usual with me, I can't 100% commit at the moment due to financial reasons. If we do come though, there will be three spare seats in the car. These will be reserved for Martin, Rowan and Jude (sorry Simon :() as they live very close by.
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    Swapping UFL and URL corners? (4x4x4)

    Mine too, it's much better. Thanks!
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    Swapping UFL and URL corners? (4x4x4)

    Basically, you have PLL parity. You'll have to learn about parity if you want to solve a 4x4x4 cube using a reduction method. If you do a PLL parity algorithm (this swaps just two edge pairs on the U layer) you will be able to solve the last layer as you normally would. some PLL parity...
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    Swapping UFL and URL corners? (4x4x4)

    I'd do that too (with the other parity alg), but if there's a faster/better way, I'm all ears.... swaps UFL and UBL My way - y2 (T-perm) y (r2 U2 r2 Uw2 r2 u2) That's just an A-perm, it won't work as only two adjacent corners need swapping. (parity) edit - James, that parity alg is is not...
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    [Help Thread] "What cube is this?" The cube / puzzle identification thread

    I thought you liked riddles? :rolleyes:
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    Easy / Lucky / Funny / Hard / Weird scrambles thread

    Whoa, nice ! I got 3:06 DNF, I forgot about the other flipped edge. :(
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    Weekly competition 2010-01

    My first entry after a 6 week break. My times have dropped (I mean gone up) a bit > 2x2x2 : 6.83, (5.27), (8.78), 7.43, 5.96 = 6.74 easy scrambles? I dunno. 3x3x3 : (21.40), 26.84, (32.18), 22.21, 27.19 = 25.41 inconsistency 4x4x4 : 1:50.91, (1:47.91), 1:58.25, (1:59.47), 1:50.25 =...
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    Bristol Spring 2010

    If I can make it and I take the car, you're welcome to a lift. Same to Rowan and Jude.
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    Blindfold Accomplishment Thread

    single 3x3 with feet? (i thought 4x4 wf would be too insane) I remember he did it once in about 16 mins.
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    Awesome, I love these games. Cheers Jude. I think Sarah's was the best picture tbh.