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    [Danish NR] 2.72 Pyraminx Average - Oscar Roth Andersen

    6th in the world now. The previous NR stood for over 4 years.
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    [ER] Oscar Andersen 45.39 Megaminx avg

    Thanks! The seemingly big gap is just a combination of past few results being on the bad side, a bit of practise and this being on the better side :) Andersen, Not Anderson.
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    [WR] Rafal Waryszak 2.41 Pyraminx Average

    This guy didn't even podium at euro and 3 days later he destroys the world record :O He would have to violate some regulation first.
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    [Help Thread] Megaminx Discussion

    Most likely you just need to tension it properly. I just put a bit of maru lube in one in a while.
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    [Help Thread] Megaminx Discussion

    I didn't like it. (yellow means I don't like the case) feel free to fill out, note all current cases are written for lefty style.
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    [Unofficial] X-man Design Galaxy Megaminx "Review", 46.72 avg5 and 42.58 single

    Got this megaminx like 2 weeks ago and I uploaded a few megaminx videos with it, thought some of you guys might find it interesting. Put videos in spoilers so they don't take up the entire page :) Feel free to ask questions about the megaminx, I'll try to answer them the best I can...
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    [Proposal] Rename the Ortega 2x2 Method to Varasano

    It has been done before. (if you look up Oka tutorials for pyraminx you will most likely find keyhole tutorials instead)
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    [WR] Rami Sbahi - 0.58 2x2 Single and 1.55 Average

    Say that to a handful of the Jamaican top athletes: And no, doping in itself does not directly give you an unfair advantage in itself, it's not like you suddenly become way faster when you take it, it just allows your...
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    World Championship 2015 - São Paulo, Brazil - July 17-19, 2015

    Based on my favourite events, I am pleased with the schedule :D
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    Seven Towns Infringement on eBay - All of EU

    China has the strictest copyright law in the world. It's just extremely hard to shut down Chinese factories without new ones popping up, so most companies don't even bother bringing them to court.
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    Sporcle Quiz: Methods

    Pyra is missing bell.
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    Announcing: New 4x4x4 Brute Force Solver

    This thread has been closed with respect to unsolved's wish.
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    5x5x5 Brute Force Solving Program

    This thread has been closed with respect to unsolved's wish.