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    Cupcake's Winona Open 2013

    I never said that. I just said those work against you. It's not a hard fule. But at this point, you probably couldn't be a delegate because you can't interpret properly :) DYK.... ...We had a ton of extra pizza leftover? ...Someone wanted to judge, so I made them take the judging oath...
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    Looking to sell/trade at Winona

    It's worked for many other people.
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    Looking to sell/trade at Winona

    I'm going to start doing some iOS development, so I've decided to sell some of my puzzles so I can purchase an iOS device (iPhone/iPod/iPad). anyway, I have a huge collection. I started taking some pictures of stuff to sell, but realized I'm pretty much open to trading most of them. Here's a a...
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    Changes to CubingUSA

    Hey. Haven't posted in a while. Been super busy. New job, new baby, etc. I haven't been able to do much with CubingUSA lately. Jim has done a lot of enhancements and it's great for competitions. Also, I believe it's done a pretty good job of connecting people in areas to help competitions...
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    Cupcake's Winona Open 2013

    You have a job? Aren't you like still 13?
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    Minnesota Cubing Club

    We should all totally meet in late April. Different location though.
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    Cubetcha 2012

    He organized an entire competition, so he probably deserves a break. I messed up the certificates last time. There's been typos on stuff at Nats that we all stared at and didn't catch.
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    Things you might not know about cubing

    Wasn't it originally going to be called Gordian's Knot?
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    Magics Removed from WCA Events List in 2013?

    If we had an event called "See who can clap their hands five times the quickest", a lot of people would enter.
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    Minnesota Open 2012

    Chris's 2x2 times: Round 1 - 2.27 2.13 2.03 3.00 2.40 Round 2 - 1.96 2.06 2.47 1.80 7.34 Round 3 - 2.88 2.77 1.81 2.03 2.02 Dontchaknow.... ...The last time the NAR was broke twice in a single competition was 2008 MN Open by Phil Thomas? ...The only competitors in common at both competition...
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    Speedcubing in Minnesota

    Did you somehow search for "Minnesota" and not find the MN Open 2012 posts? A bunch of us are in Rochester today (about an hour from the Twin Cities) competing.
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    Dixon Open 2012

    Even I've beaten you Chris.
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    Minnesota Open 2012

    Schedule is up. OH interest in the area has really dropped, so the 2nd round is very small. Hopefully even with the three rounds of 3x3 and 2x2 we can try to get other stuff in. A few other small changes: We'll be having pizza for lunch...
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    WCA Regulations 2012

    Also, such instances are probably noted in the delegate's report to the WCA board, so if the WCA board doesn't agree with how it was handled, they can provide feedback for the next time. If they really don't agree, they could invalidate the results, but I doubt a delegate would come up with a...
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    Those experienced in Java: What am I doing wrong?

    Were you using Eclipse before?

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