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    Scramble the Word

    cmdsaaaagr Next: Acknowledgement
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    The Favorites Game!

    Tetris. Next: Favorite gaming console?
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    Scramble the Word

    gnciub Next: Speedcuber
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    Make assumptions about the next person

    Nope. Next person wants to see this thread revived.
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    Make an acronym out of the previous poster's word

    Xylophones Yawn Like Oxen Producing Highly Objectionable Noises Excellently Next: CONSEQUENCES
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    Cubing Would You Rather

    I choose (A). Would you rather: A) Become color neutral on the 3x3. B) Become method neutral on the 3x3. (Any 6 methods of your choice)
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    Cubing Would You Rather

    Learn ZBLL, definitely. If you received $60 as a gift, would you rather: A) Buy one GAN 356 X ($60) B) Buy 12 Yuxin Little Magics (each $5)
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    Whats a random useful alg that you know for some reason?

    R U F (R U R' U') F' R' for the above F2L case. Does the bolded out part seem familiar?
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    OFFICIAL YELLING DISCUSSION!!!1!1!1!!!!!1!!!!!1!one!!1

    Off-topic used to be a better place.
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    We need better judges.

    @Mastermind2368: I think there's a misunderstanding somewhere... I meant to say that when you judge a delegate, they can will correct you immediately if you do anything wrong. It is a good way of learning the basic rules and regulations; if you get corrected once, you won't make the same...
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    ∞ signs that you've been cubing for too long

    @Big Red Numbers please. 1292. When you dedicate your life to solving a 100x100.
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    Non-Cubers say the darndest things!

    Non-Cuber: Y'know, my dad solved it when he was like 7 years old. Me: #Facepalm... It wasn't even invented back then.
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    We need better judges.

    There can be no better 'training' than judging a delegate. In fact, I did that twice in my first competition. The delegate had told me that I was a really good judge. :)