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    Weekly Competition 2018-39

    I only partially did this weekly more than a month ago and never submitted. After that I couldn't participate until today, so I am just posting these here for archival: 2x2x2: 7.41 1:09.29 6.60 6.06 6.88 3x3x3: 18.92 20.65 22.46 17.55 15.91 4x4x4: 1:04.88 1:14.67 1:09.08 57.82 1:04.63 5x5x5...
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    Older cubers discussions

    This is almost as if I am reading my own goals except for the 3x3x3/megaminx where my goals are more modest. Hopefully we will meet at a live-competition someday so we can have a direct competition Edit: We have 2 shared competitions but they were a long time ago...
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    What are your favorite podcasts?

    Almost everyone I know speeds up podcasts by 1.5x. I always use 2x, for podcasts and youtube as well.
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    The FMC thread

    Did it give you a (lowers sunglasses) Mental Breakdown? (music: YEEEEEEAAAAAH) How much time did you spend on finding that solution? will analyze tonight at home
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    Magnet cube should not be legal for BLD events

    It would absolutely give an advantage, otherwise there would be no reason to have magnets. However it wouldn't be an unfair advantage. The problem that is discussed here is not if it would give an advantage, but if it could be abused to give an advantage. My 2 cents are that abuse is already...
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    Up to Date Best Cubes on the Market?

    I was scared to see that a budget 3x3x3 was 25 dollar while a budget 6 and 7 were 20 dollar. I am very happy to see the later edits and am almost ready to swoop in and add nothing of use to this topic (because I know nothing about hardware) but just buy some great 5/6/7.
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    Older cubers discussions

    Accidentaly I did just that in 2007, resulting in getting a 2/2 for multiblind (in 26 minutes, old rules, old NR) before actually doing a successful single ;)
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    WCA World Championship 2019-Melbourne Australia July 11-14

    You are off the hook for reconstructions!
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    WCA World Championship 2019-Melbourne Australia July 11-14

    most live-able ;) Not having a train from the airport means less tourist, which would make it more live-able right ;) I am not deciding about Worlds just yet. I have basically done my Australia travelling 8 years ago and I am not looking forward to being in a plane for 24 hours with 2 tiny children
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    What does your username mean?

    ROT23 makes it xbojx which is too similar to xbox to be a coincidence Of course the hint was that the M in aerma is the 13th letter of the alfabet and normally you use ROT13 not ROT23. But the M in ROT23 becomes a J which is the 10th letter of the alfabet and 10+13=23 so it all makes sense...
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    Wiki Discussion Thread

    I think you worry too much about making "official rules" for "unofficial events" ;) I would just do handscrambles and sometimes I get a 3 minutes and sometimes I get a 1:30. Of course I am not aiming for the UWR but just messing around while watching a movie. In general I think UWR's don't need...
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    Memory Methods

    Does anyone use multiple languages? I am currently using numbers for edges and letters for corners but I like letters better. I am thinking to use Dutch and English (almost the same level) or maybe Dutch and Japanese (motivation to extend my vocabulary). I have never spend the time for fixed...
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    Last post wins!

    Somebody (not me) is going back through all the old posts....manually????? @pjk: Yes, I am back to cubing regularly. I never really stopped cubing or going to competitions, but I did stop to do it regularly. I have now set a "WCA: once per 2 months, SS: every week" goal
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    Up to Date Best Cubes on the Market?

    I am very interested in the recommendations from this list. Hardware-wise I am basically a noob. Degrading on age for cubes is not something I would want. I would find it useful to have a property "releasedate" and a property "not commonly available anymore" so in the future we can filter the...
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    What are your favorite podcasts?

    Thanks for your list pjk. Just copying over post here for clarity My main source for tech-podcasts is They have a weekly show on Google, Apple and Microsoft, a general show and a fun show (and sometimes the specials or enterprise/security/law related ones). Because my work is...