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    [WR] Feliks Zemdegs 3x3 OH single 6.88

    is that fast?
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    Northpark Adelaide Open 2014 (Aussie)

    Only got this msg just now lol. Guess I have no excuse not to go
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    105x105x105 Rubik's cube solve attempt

    the full number (i hope that it is correct because i calculated it by hand and i dont want to do it again)
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    [WR] 3x3x3 single 5.55 Mats Valk

    >yyyy-dd-mm gross
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    Ollie Frost 5x5x5 Blindfolded 6:26.53

    is that internet explorer?
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    my thread is closed that is sad :(

    the game sounds **** play gw2 instead
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    [Official] Alexander Lau 8.63 Average

    bro those stickers disgusting cool avg tho
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    [US NR] Noah Arthurs 38.02 3BLD

    nice solve
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    Huge qqTimer Update!

    If you have somewhere to host the modified files, that is pretty easy to change. (I don't think browsers store cookies for files on your computer)
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    [Indian NR] 9.07 3x3x3 single Dharmesh Shahu

    nice job dharmesh sub10 avg next time!
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    [Unofficial] 9.32 Avg of 5

    just watched this 100% fake edit: well except the 12 that wasn't fake
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    Changing Multi BLD format?

    10 minute best of 3 sounds cool doing a 60 minute attempt is boring as ****
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    One-Answer Blindsolving Question Thread

    the only way that i know is like (R L') F2 (L R') U (R L') F2' (L R') U' (comm notation: [[RL':F2],U]) which for a 3x3 would be something like M D' M' U M D M' U' ([MD'M',U]) this is why I would rather do whatever-the-4x4-looking-megaminx-thing-is-called rather than a megaminx BLD