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    [Unofficial] YTUWR - 9.39 OH avg5

    Pretty lucky but I'm happy nonetheless :P
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    [Unofficial] 36.84 3x3 with Feet ao5 (30.11 fullstep single)

    Wow nice, finally the US is getting some feet contenders :P
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    European Rubik's Cube Championship 2016 - Prague (15th-17th July)

    Anyone in Prague yet? Or more specifically the ibis?
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    Blindfold Accomplishment Thread

    39.40[22.28] L2 B R2 B' R2 F' R2 D2 B U2 R2 U F D R' F U2 B L' F' 12/8, so not lucky at all :)
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    [NAR] Lucas Etter 7.06 3x3 avg

    I know lots of people, including myself, who stopped visiting because of the annoying format change. So hard to find anything nowadays -_-
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    Accomplishment Thread

    OH :) best time: 7.82 best avg5: 9.77 best avg12: 10.26 best avg25: 10.81 best avg50: 11.13 best avg100: 11.34 Pretty amazing considering I had a hard time getting sub-13 yesterday :P
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    National Capital Region 2016 (May 21-22)

    Sorry about no head to head :(
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    [NAR] 33.05+32.87 Feet singles, 35.70 mo3

    I have practiced very little since China Championship (less that 50 solves probably). This average was mainly just luck :P
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    [NAR] 33.05+32.87 Feet singles, 35.70 mo3

    Done at National Capital Region 2016. Times: 41.19, 33.05 (NAR single at the time), 32.87 (New NAR single) The average is currently 6th in the world. Cube is MoYu Tanglong.
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    National Capital Region 2016 (May 21-22)

    You can start getting the stuff ready :)
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    National Capital Region 2016 (May 21-22)

    The schedule has been posted! Also, there is a very high chance intro music will be played in the finals, so if you think you might make it, start thinking about your song!
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    Odd WCA stats/ Stats request Thread

    OH average of last five averages ranking? It would be cool for every event too.
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    Toronto Limited, Spring 2016

    DYK: I am Rowe Hessler?
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    Accomplishment Thread

    Average of 5: 2.96 1. 2.68 U B' L' R L' U B U' l' r b' u' 2. (5.45) L' B' L R B' R' U B l r' u 3. 2.55 R U' B L' U L B U L l r' u 4. (2.24) U L R' B' L' R' B' L' b u 5. 3.64 R L R' U R' U R L b'
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    All OH PLLs sub-2

    I'm pretty sure they are exactly the same algs as on my website :P