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    Full ZB - 7.60 Official Average

    Thanks! To address his questions and your answers: - ZBLS is the alg set which solves final pair and orients edges, but I find that the former name, ZBF2L, is a more comprehensive description as I sometimes use ZBLS algs on 2nd/3rd pair. - As far as the “better than CFOP?” argument... No one...
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    Full ZB - 7.60 Official Average

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    Official PBs - 5.56 single, 7.27 average

    long time coming. :D
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    [Unofficial] 1.62 OH H Perm

    It's actually an interesting bump tho. I had forgotten about this, but yeah, this is when Kirjava was showing off the potential of OH M slices way back when. No one was really doing Roux OH at a high level yet. This is bringing me back to those days, and it's insane to see how good guys like...
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    [Official] 6.16 and 6.14 3x3 singles

    Finally broke my PB from 2014 - fittingly at my 100th competition. :)
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    Post-competition racing: Anthony Brooks vs Kevin Hays

    In case you were wondering what Kevin and I were up to last night... A few mins after this I got a 6.7 avg that I'm gonna upload later, as well as a video of me beating my 4-year-old comp PB twice yesterday lol. Dylan Wang (aka Jperm) was trying to talk me into posting more YouTube videos...
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    [Official] 7.18 3x3 Average

    I could feel your excitement after pulling off that fourth solve haha. Nice one Dan. #double708
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    US Nationals 2017

    Ah, at least it's not just me then. Thanks! ChicaGhosts will be a fun one -- see you there!
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    US Nationals 2017

    (is the video embedding working? seems to be messed up on my laptop, but the link is clickable) A montage of some clips over Nats weekend. Worlds coming next. In the meantime, off to NW Champs!
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    7.78 Official 3x3 Average - Anthony Brooks

    In comp I haven't been forcing ZBLLs with ZBLS if it disrupts the flow of the solve, so I didn't end up with any ZBLLs here. I got a few 7s in other rounds with ZBs, though
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    7.78 Official 3x3 Average - Anthony Brooks

    PB! Even though I messed up the U perm on solve 2, I'm pleased that the N perm on first solve and E perm on last solve went pretty well.
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    Assessing interest in a speed-cubing book after losing my work

    Damn Rowan, sorry to hear about your laptop. I'd read the hell of out that book.
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    Cubing with Anthony: How to Learn PLL/OLL/ZBLL

    I'd suggest focusing on one set for the next two weeks (either T or U) so that it's usable in comp. If you try to get it all down in such a short span of time it probably won't go well (speaking from experience... I've had a lot of comps like your last one haha.)