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    [WR] Jack Cai - 18.27 3BLD Mean

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    [WR] Jack Cai - 20.03 3BLD Mean

    Great to finally get the mean WR but hoping this gets broken pretty soon cos I kinda messed up every single solve to some extent hahah
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    [OcR] Jack Cai - 20.35 3BLD Mean

    kinda overshadowed by my WR single lol
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    [OcR] Jack Cai - 20.59 3BLD Mean

    Managed to get this in 3BLD finals last weekend at the Malaysia Cube Championship :)
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    [OcR] Jack Cai - 21.72 3BLD Mean

    Took eight months before I could get myself another mean, finally
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    [OcR] Jack Cai - 19.20 3BLD Single

    Occurred perhaps around a minute or two after Tomoya got a 19.23. This brings me to 10 OcRs :)
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    [OcR] Jack Cai - 19.78 3BLD Single

    A bit late since I don't go on these forums much anymore but it's nice finally getting another OcR after having a bit of a drought for over half a year :)
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    [OcR] Jack Cai - 23.56 3BLD Mean

    rip memo lol
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    [OcR] 20.48 3BLD Single

    DNFed first 2 solves so initially planned on making this a safety but saw scramble was alright so just went all out :P Another round of 3bld tomorrow so guess I'll try get more stuff.
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    [OcR] Jack Cai - 20.54 3BLD Single

    nah, my CFOP is still somewhat decent so don't think I'll do that anytime soon. I will switch to 3-style for lols if my first 2 times of 3x3 suck though (which I did in the 2nd round)
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    [OcR] Jack Cai - 20.54 3BLD Single

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    [OcR] Jack Cai - 23.44 3BLD Single

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    25.16 3BLD single and 26.67 average OcR's - Jack Cai

    oh also, shouldn't this be under WR/CR/NR solves?