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    LEOR Speedsolving Method Tutorial

    I finally made an LEOR tutorial. Here it is:
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    NEW Guide to Choosing a Speedcubing Method (

    Anyone who is criticising ZZ for OH should look up ZZ-z
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    NEW Guide to Choosing a Speedcubing Method (

    i agree with some of this and disagree with some. I will Try to explain why but I need to rewatch your zz vids first.
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    NEW Guide to Choosing a Speedcubing Method (

    For a while now I have been working on a guide to choosing a speedsolving method for the website because I‘m very interested in methods and the only one in existence currently is the one on this forums which is very outdated. Today I have finally finished an initial version with...
  5. A - UK cube store
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    Mini Comp for "Veteran" Members of

    This just seems like elitism for no reason.
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    First sub 1 on 3BLD! Method: OP / OP. I'm sub 20 on memo!

    Don’t learn orozco learn eka cus it’s better.
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    I +2d out of a PB ao12 :(

    It annoys me that you have it as $ GIVEAWAY $ instead of £ GIVEAWAY £
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    Alternative Multiblind Scoring System

    It actually isn’t about having to memo every cube you solve as the reason a 1/2 is a DNF is because you haven’t solved multiple cubes blindfolded which is the point of the event.
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    CFOP-Breaker? Mehta method

    That’s not almost optimal though. It’s about a 30% increase in movecount from optimal. If you used this definition of almost optimal and did some “almost optimal” solves for a method with a 50 move average you would be doing 65 moves which wouldn’t get you very good times.
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    CFOP-Breaker? Mehta method

    I definitely don’t believe this.