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    Let's play...

    true. The person below me can solve the 6x6x6 bellow 5 min.
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    Rubik's Cube Songwriting Contest!!!

    We are the fastest (Queen-We are the champions) I lube my cube Once in a while To make it all smooth And resticker the cube And bad mistakes Ive made a few Ive had my jams and parity on every solve But it still gets solved (Chorus) We are the fastest – my friend And we keep on...
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    What do you want from a tournament?

    certificates or diploma's or even trophy has to be there for 1st to 3rd place also for side events. You put a lot of time in some of the side events and in the end ok you dont good thats the one and thank you for comming. So to giv something is nice
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    Benelux Open 2008 16,17 feb

    Its was a great competition. I guess it was my lucky tournament FMC: pll skip 3x3 18.05: pll skip 5x5 2:33.63: pll skip my OLL was F R U R' U' R U R' U' F' and i broke my PB avg in comp for the 3x3 was 18.20 and now 17.01 im was happy with my results And for team FMC count me in then :)
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    A Rubik's cube in earth's core!

    and is it solved :-)
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    A little game i made

    Thanks TobiasDaneels
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    A little game i made

    I dont have that trouble,i also try to DL at my work but also no problems.
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    A little game i made

    My best now is 345/346 i got bored at the end :) i think when you are on the roll you can just play forever :)
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    A little game i made

    Any comments or records would be nice to post :)
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    A little game i made

    Yes darkzelkova it looks so easy and yet kinda hard. But i think when you play a little bit more its going to be easyer :)
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    A little game i made

    Here is a little game i made All you have to do is click the missing color there are 4 colors like: red blue green and black when the background color is red and the text inside is blue and writen the text green then you miss the color black. If you try it for a few time you know what the...
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    Most efficent/fast 4x4 method?

    the page of Michel Fung My page for slitely diffrent solve for the 4x4 ~A.O
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    Weekly competition 2007-42 (2,3,3OH,4,5,BF,SQ1,MG,MMG,FMC,MM,PM,Relay)

    2x2x2 6.72 (8.01) 7.05 (3.00) 7.40 => 7.06 3x3x3 20.56 (18.49) 19.08 (21.87) 19.81 => 19.82 3 OH 1:03.86 1:02.90 1:05.18 (1:13.15) (1:00.22) => 1:03.98 Magic 1.22 1.27 1.21 (1.15) (1.46) => 1.23 Master magic 2.63 2.60 (DNF) (2.49) 2.81 => 2.68 Pyraminx (8.93) (18.10) 15.90...
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    FMC scramble at Dutch

    Tryed many things but the best start was for me: F' L' B' L F U2 L U D2 L' D2 L B' U B2 a 15 move F2L + B' set up move before scramble the only ending i could find was just COLL + PLL F D2 R' D2 R D2 R F' B R2 B' U2 R B F' U2 B' F R U2 R' B' a 37 move solution. A.O.
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    Brainstorm: How about a "live" online competition?

    How do you connect?? you click on the link or you use an irc client?? when you connect to the server, what i think on port 6667 could be your firewall blocking the connection?? if you have something like mirc you can connect to server: channel: #rubik A.O.