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    My 10 year cubing anniversary: my first 11x11x11 solve

    Hello guys! Today is the day... I solved the Rubik's cube 10 years ago for the first time exactly and there wasn't even 2 weeks since that without cubing. To celebrate that, I solved a 11x11x11 for the first time in my life! Huge thanks to Speedcubeshop to make this possible!
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    65 hungarian speedcubers solve the Rubik's cube

    I made a little project. Asked my viewers to send me videos about their own solves. I recieved 65 videos, here they are. :)
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    Hungarian Open 2017

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    7 different size 3x3x3 solve :)

    Wow, the video reached 40 000 views. Thank you! :)
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    [WR] Sebastian Weyer 19.41 4x4 single

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    Fidget spinner Vs Speedcubing :P

    Hehe, ye. :P Kinda stupid but fun stuff.
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    2 sided Mosaic from almost 2000 cubes

    We built this in two days.
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    Cubing is weird - I hate when this happens

    Don't you just hate it when this happens to you? :S