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#rubik is a chatroom where discussion about the Rubik's cube (and all forms of cubing) takes place. It can move off topic from time to time. There is also an IRC bot on the channel to provide scrambles and other services.


This is a list of the operators on the #rubik chat room that are also apart of If you have any questions about a banning or restriction you have received feel free to PM one of them.

A note as of 9/13/2010

#rubik has moved from to due to irctorm being unreliable in the sense that netsplits are far too common.

For the most part, it's the same old #rubik, but unfortunately there are some small changes. no longer works - freenode blocks their services for various reasons. As an alternative, try

A note as of 6/04/2021

#rubik has moved from to due to freenode's takeover.

It's the same old #rubik!

Accessing the channel

If you don't have an IRC client you can visit the chatroom by going here.

Creating an Official Nickname

First, you must be using the nickname you wish to register. If this isn't the nickname you wish to use, type: /nick X (where X = the nickname you wish to use)

After that, type: /msg nickserv register <password> <e-mail> (case sensitive unique PASSWORD at least 5 chars, and your EMAIL address)

Here's an example: /msg nickserv register acme123 [email protected]

Next time you log on you will have 60 seconds to enter the password for your new account, do this by typing: /msg NickServ IDENTIFY <password> (where <password> is your new password)

Team #

The IRC channel has spawned a group of cubers that visit regularly and identify as a team. They compete for the USA and several European countries. There is no official listing of the members, but rather membership is based on a general consensus of people who often hang out in the channel.

Alternative rooms

There are several alternative rooms that cubers use occasionally, such as #teamsolve and a hidden room.


There is also a (mostly) Swedish speaking #rubik at the Quakenet. At the Quakenet you can also find the Hungarian speaking #rubikkocka. java based Quakenet client

As time goes things changes, the Swedish channel has turned to a meeting place for cubers from all Nordic countrys aswell as perodic visitors from other European countrys. Because of this the language is more and more often English and Swedish is used only for discussions where only Sweds and possibly Norwegians are active.

This is a short clip from the activity today (29 December 2010)

[19:53] <Hilmar_Q> sigh, 14.12 avg of 100
[19:53] <Hilmar_Q> Want sub 14 ;(
[19:54] <doc`> :(
[19:54] <doc`> close but no cigar
[19:54] <doc`> faster f2l
[19:55] <GunnarKrig> Hilmar_Q: bra dåh
[19:56] <Asdfgfdsa> Hilmar_Q: nice OH times
[19:56] <MortenArborg> 6.88 NL
[19:56] <doc`> n1
[19:56] <Hilmar_Q> lol anssi
[19:56] <Asdfgfdsa> MortenArborg: lol slower than WR
[19:57] <Hilmar_Q> yeh, speed up morten
[19:57] <Hilmar_Q> just force ll skip
[19:57] <GunnarKrig> wtf MortenArborg :D

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