Proposer(s): Zbigniew Zborowski
Proposed: 2006
Alt Names:
No. Algs: 169
Avg Moves:
Previous state: LL:EO+2EP cube state
Next state: Solved cube state

LL:EO+2EP cube state -> ZZLL step -> Solved cube state

The ZZLL step is the step between the LL:EO+2EP cube state and the Solved cube state.

The Zbigniew Zborowski Last Layer is the subset of ZBLL in which two opposite LL edges are correctly permuted. It is used to solve the last layer in the ZZ-b variant of the ZZ Method. Compared with ZBLL's 494 cases, ZZLL has only 169 distinct cases which can be completed with a minimum of 80 algorithms assuming mirrors and inverses are used. ZZLL also serves as a useful transition between COLL/EPLL and full ZBLL.

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