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Founded: unknown
Location: China
Years Active: ???
Areas served: Worldwide
Website: [???]
Products: Z Carbon Fiber 2x2, Z Carbon Fiber 3x3, Z Carbon Fiber 4x4, Z Carbon Fiber 5x5, and others

Z, also known as ZCube or Z, is a twisty puzzle company that mainly sells budget puzzles and novelty cubes. They often, but not always, repackage cubes from other brands such as QiYi and sell them under a different name. For example, the Z Carbon Fiber 3x3 is a QiYi Warrior W restickered with carbon fiber-style stickers (that are in fact made of vinyl). Their repackaging of puzzles and their use of the term "carbon fiber" has become controversial.


  • Z Carbon Fiber 2x2
  • Z Carbon Fiber 3x3
  • Z Carbon Fiber 4x4
  • Z Carbon Fiber 5x5
  • Z Carbon Fiber Megaminx
  • Z Carbon Fiber Pyraminx
  • Z Carbon Fiber Skweb
  • Z Cloud Pyraminx
  • Z Glow in the Dark Cube Bundle
  • Z Mini 3x3 Keychain Cube
  • Z Maze 3x3
  • Others not listed