Yuxuan Wang

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Yuxuan Wang
Background Information
Country: China
Years Active: 2009-present
WCA ID: 2009WANG13
Claim to Fame: Magic WR

Yuxuan Wang (王宇轩) is a Chinese speedcuber. He has set the Magic World Record numerous times since 2009. He currently holds both average (0.76 sec) and single (0.69 sec) world records. In December 2012, Yuxuan broke the Master Magic WR single, with a time of 1.66 seconds, surpassing Ernie Pulchny's 1.68 WR.

In July 2012, the WCA announced that Magic and Master Magic would no longer be official events starting in 2013, as a result Yuxuan Wang and Ernie Pulchny remain the final official world record holders.

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