Yu Jeong-Min

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Yu Jeong-Min
Yu Jeong-Min
Background Information
Alias(es): Gungz
Country: South Korea
Years Active: 2007-2008, 2010-2012, 2015
WCA ID: 2007JEON01
Claim to Fame: 3x3 WR average, 3x3 WR OH single

Yu Jeong-Min is a South Korean speedcuber. He set the 3x3 average world record in 2007. He took a break from competitive cubing between 2008 and 2010 to fulfill the mandatory South Korean military service of 21 months.

Around 2007, his blog doubling as a cubing website (in Korean) was one of the best sources for all things CFOP and especially advanced F2L tricks.



  • 3x3 speedsolve: First official sub-13 and in fact sub-12 average (11.76)
  • 3x3 one-handed: First official sub-20 single (19.34)


Gungz was present at the first competition in January 2006. However, because he did not register on time, he did not officially compete. At the first competition, while the winner of the competitor (a 15 second cuber at the time) was being interviewed, Gungz went to the StackMat timer with display (a rarity at the time in Korea) and did a 12 second solve, impressing all the journalists present.

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