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The Yahoo! Speed Solving Rubik's Cube Group is a Yahoo! group and a forum created by Chris Hardwick on 18 June 2000. It was the main site for online communication among speedcubers until 2007, when it was eclipsed by the Speedsolving Forums.


  • 2000 June 18: Chris Hardwick posts the first message to the group.
  • 2002 March 26: In a site-wide reorganisation Yahoo! deletes 20 months worth of messages (from 2000 August 4).
  • 2005 December: Peak activity—1342 messages are posted in the course of one month.
  • 2007 October 6: the first day since 2000 the Yahoo! group had no post.
  • 2011 December 2: Last message is posted to the group.
  • 2019 December 14: Yahoo! "permanently" deletes all posted content from its Groups.

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