Vincent Wong

Vincent Wong
Background Information
Alias(es): Kangaroux, TheBrutux168
Country: Australia
Years Active: 2014-present
WCA ID: 2014WONG08
Claim to Fame: Fastest Australian Roux Solver

Vincent Wong is a competitive Australian cuber who uses the Roux method. He is officially the fastest Roux method solver in Oceania. He is also known for his activities in the /r/Cubers subreddit and Discord which he has the alias of Kangaroux or TheBrutux168. At his latest competition, Sydney Winter 2017, He acquired first place in first, second, and final rounds of 3x3.

Vincent's main events are 2x2-5x5 and One-Handed. Vincent has achieved a sub-8 second global average (by his estimation) from 3 years of cubing. His YouTube channel, Kangaroux, exhibits his example solves, impressive singles and averages, and the occasional competition videos.