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Penrose cube Aaron Welch

Hello, you edited various Penrose UWRs into the List of Unofficial World Records. While Aaron Welch (is that you?) may be able to solve a penrose cube in 59 seconds. He is definitely not able to solve it in 9 seconds. According to his WCA profile he averages just under 40 seconds on 3x3. I am going to undo all of Aaron Welch's Penrose records. If you believe Aaron is capable of a 9-second-Penrose-solve. Please provide some proof Dancing jules (talk) 17:23, 6 July 2019 (UTC)

UWR single

I received a horrid hand scramble and was pressured by many noncubers to post it, as it was done in front of a large crowd. My best time using an actual scramble since is 32 seconds, but I'm willing to record and upload actual solves using csTimer. We can revert it to Lim Kai Yi's submission for the time being if that seems more just.

Then what about the 24 and the 16 you posted earlier?