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Hey i'm sorry... I just had no idea you had to 'officially propose it first'. How should I do that? I had started making a page on it before i linked it to the list... What do you recommend... i had no idea there was such a rule ^^

So yeaa... which forum? and how will it be considered an official proposal?
It's not an "official proposal", but more just "hey guys I made this method, what do you think?" If people really like it, it may get it's own wiki page. If people show it's not that great, then it doesn't really need one. The firs time a method should be seen shouldn't be on the wiki. Think of it like making a Wikipedia page for a puzzle you've never released or shown the public. I'd recommend going to the forums or the Cyobux's Friends Facebook Group and proposing the method and seeing what others think. - ProStar (talk) 20:59, 3 June 2020 (UTC)