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Tymon Kolasinski 4x4

Hello, the general consensus seems to be that this was not done on a legit 4x4 scramble and therefore should not count as 4x4 UWR. I am going to remove that from the UWR list.

ok then ill add it back

Why? It is not a legit UWR. Don't go editing back and forth, telly me why!

You don't know for sure that its not legit, so don't just say it isnt.

I know for sure, because I know how probability works. "He checked" doesn't mean much. If you want, you can go make a poll on CF to get "general consensus". Dancing jules (talk) 20:56, 24 September 2019 (UTC)

Probability doesn't have a set pattern, it's random. The fact that he would get this scramble is unlikely, but tymon isn't someone who would fake times. And asking CF would be a horrible idea, people in there are pretty dumb.

The chances of it being a 3BLD scramble that csTimer threw up when it shouldn't have are far far higher than a 4x4 scramble with a 2-move 3x3 reduction. The scramble followed the exact format of a 3BLD scramble and the chances of the scramble being legitimate are infinitessimaly small. You're many times more likely to get the 3x3 scramble "R" than to get a 2-move reduction. Just because Tymon is fast at 3x3 doesn't mean we should believe such a ridiculous time. I'm not saying he's lying, he probably didn't consider the possibility of computer error during his excitement.

With that said, if you're going to remove Tymon's time from the leaderboards please replace it with Max's real time rather than remove the entire row.