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Megaminx Notes (methods)

  • Steps (Beginner's method?):
    • Make the white star
    • Fill in the edge pieces that join the pentagons around the star
    • Place each "corner" piece to fill in the white pentagon:
Speedsolving Logo tiny.gif F2L (R U R' U')(R U R' U')(R U R')
      • The piece can easily be re-oriented to match the required setup.
      • Otherwise use modified versions of F2L_33 and F2L_34 as needed
      • F2L_33 v2 (notice that U2' is replaced by U2):
Speedsolving Logo tiny.gif F2L U' (R U' R') U2 (R U' R')
      • F2L_34 v2 (notice that U2 is replaced by U2'):
Speedsolving Logo tiny.gif F2L U (R U R') U2' (R U R')
      • F2L_32 can be used to rotate a piece as well! Simply do U' to place the piece on the top right corner and perform F2L_32. The piece will be rotated counter-clockwise.
      • If there is no room to perform F2L_32, do F' to move the edge piece up. Here, doing F2L_32 will only affect the top gray layer. F will move the face back down and the correct piece will be placed on the bottom left corner.
    • Repeat for each higher face, ideally from left to right in order, until only the top gray face remains unsolved
    • Use Megaminx LL algorithms (notes pending)